Curved penis syndrome: what is Peyronie’s disease, which mostly affects people over 50?

Curved penis syndrome: what is Peyronie’s disease, which mostly affects people over 50?

A deviation of the pole. This is how Peyronie’s disease is mainly characterized. A pathology that can cause pain and provoke an obstruction in intimate life. Especially since the maintenance remains expensive. François Gigot de Lapeyronie, Louis XV surgeon who first described this penile deformity, gave his name to Lapeyronie’s disease. The curvature, observed only … Read more

Get in shape with home fitness.

Get in shape with home fitness.

Good physical condition is one of the priorities of all people today and a crucial aspect to improve physical and mental condition. For good physical condition, the body needs regular exercises to adapt to physical activity and improve its well-being. This is one of everyone’s priorities. Many sports enthusiasts treat themselves to training at home. … Read more

A major discovery could save 10 years of prostate cancer research

Reading time: 2 min – Spotted on interesting technique The course of the disease in prostate cancer is characterized by an overproduction of androgen hormones. One way to slow cancer progression is to lower this hormone level through anti-hormonal therapies. As Interesting Engineering points out, this method works for some patients, but sometimes cancer cells … Read more

New hope in the fight against cancer: A genetically modified virus can increase the life expectancy of children with brain tumors

Every year in Europe more than 35,000 new cases of childhood cancer are diagnosed and 6,000 children die from it. The breakthrough by Spanish researchers concerns infiltrating glioma of the brainstem (GITC). In France, almost 50 children are affected each year, as many girls as boys, making GITC a rare tumor. The discovery of a … Read more

Dyslexia may hide an unexpected evolutionary advantage

If people with dyslexia have trouble reading and writing, a recent study shows that this disorder could also encourage discovery and encourage creativity. Dyslexia is one of those early childhood disabilities that often persist throughout life, especially without specialist treatment. This often represents a significant burden for those affected, but a current study has differentiated … Read more

Topiramate may contribute to intellectual dysfunction in the fetus, the ANSM warns

Topiramate, an antiepileptic drug already known to promote fetal birth defects when taken by a pregnant woman, may also contribute to mental disorders, the National Medicines Safety Agency (ANSM) warned Wednesday, June 29 . “For pregnant women (…)topiramate should not be used in epilepsy unless clearly necessary.” and should not be prescribed for any other … Read more

Covid: Discover the three possible scenarios for the evolution of the virus

In the 3 privileged scenarios, no one understands the sudden disappearance of the Covid. As the world gradually returned to its pre-pandemic routine, Europe has been suffering for several weeks 7th intense wave from covid. Driven by a proliferation of subvariants BA.4 and BA.5the number of hospital admissions and contaminations continue to increase. If the … Read more