Pyrénées-Orientales: Desperate search for a doctor for an impotent, seriously ill and isolated octogenarian

For two months at the bedside of Jacques, 89, the former locksmith of Saint-Laurent-de-la-Salanque, his son and daughter-in-law have been missing with a heavy heart. The couple are forced to return to their home in Nantes, leaving the octogenarian alone until the end of August, when the spouses come down to pick him up and … Read more

New York declares a state of emergency amid a rapidly rising number of cases

⇧ [VIDÉO] You may also like this partner content (after viewing) According to the WHO, Europe is particularly affected by the monkeypox epidemic EThe United States still recorded 5,189 cases as of last Friday. L’ENew York State and the City of San Francisco viewed the outbreak as an imminent public health threat and declared local … Read more

Monkeypox: A collective of 200 personalities proposes a commission of inquiry in the Senate

the essential 200 politicians, associations and citizens came together to call for a Senate commission of inquiry into the government’s strategy against monkeypox. They signed a column in the Huffpost. With almost 2,000 cases listed in France, the monkeypox epidemic continues to grow. From then on, a group of 200 politicians, associations and citizens called … Read more

Symptoms, causes and natural solutions

First and foremost, if the frequency of your urination becomes bothersome (for example, it wakes you up at night or interferes with your daily activities), you should seek help. The same applies to the urge to urinate or incontinence, which interfere with your everyday life. Don’t be embarrassed, these problems are incredibly common and can … Read more

I got vaccinated against monkeypox in Nice, how does it work?

For monkeypox, Virus normally confined to the forests of tropical Africa, having transcended its endemic character to infect people around the world from May (following symptomatic outbreaks in the United States in 2003 and in Nigeria in 2017), it aroused two demons: the an almost unmanageable Covid crisis… and that of AIDS in the 80s. … Read more

Alzheimer’s disease can occur after infection with a very common virus

Researchers from Tufts University in the United States present recent findings that support the hypothesis that Alzheimer’s disease could be caused by a virus. You will also be interested [EN VIDÉO] What are the differences between bacteria and viruses? They are microbes. They are very small and can easily be confused. However, bacteria and viruses … Read more