a first case diagnosed in Lyon?

The first case identified last week is a 29-year-old man living in Île-de-France who has not traveled to a country where the virus circulates in the past. Two other patients have since been diagnosed without specifying their place of residence. According to France 3, one of these two patients was treated at the Croix-Rousse hospital … Read more

End of an era, New York shuts down its last phone booth

New York City opened its last coin-operated phone kiosk, the famous “pay phone booth», replaced by free Wi-Fi hotspots a few years ago. But rest assured Superman fans: Manhattan will keep four phone booths closed, the ones in which journalist Clark Kent transforms into a superhero. also readCalling while driving, death at the turn? On … Read more

Accor CEO urges hotel owners to ‘openly raise their prices’

Accor’s CEO urged the hoteliers who manage the group’s operations to “openly raise their prices“, to the “regain financial viability” after two years of health crisis and to adapt to “highly inflationary operating costsassociated with rising wages and energy prices. Present Friday”Highlights 2021During the group’s general meeting, Sébastien Bazin mentioned “the desire to travel (which) … Read more

Netflix is ​​laying off to deal with slowing growth

Almost 150 employees were laid off, most of them in the USA. A few weeks before this decision, Netflix reported a loss of subscribers for the first time in more than a decade. Netflix announced on Tuesday (May 17) that it had laid off around 2% of its employees to save money after slowing growth … Read more

Scientists have grown plants in lunar soil

A tiny pot of soil, but a big step for space agriculture: Scientists have for the first time grown plants in a few grams of lunar soil, as reported by astronauts from the Apollo program decades ago. also readOuter Space: The mysterious “radio circuits” are gradually being revealed This success fuels hope that one day … Read more

At least 75 dead in gang clashes in Haiti since late April

At least 75 people, including women and children, have been killed in clashes between two rival Haitian gangs in the northern suburbs of Port-au-Prince since late April, the UN said on Friday (May 6). also readHaiti is in permanent chaos In a press release, the United Nations said:deeply concerned about the rapidly deteriorating security situationin … Read more

The US Food and Drug Administration is restricting access to Johnson & Johnson’s Covid vaccine

The US Food and Drug Administration announced on Thursday that it is restricting Johnson & Johnson’s Covid vaccine to adults who refuse to be vaccinated with Pfizer or Moderna because “personal concerns“, as well as for those who, for medical reasons or with limited access, cannot receive an injection of these last two vaccines. The … Read more

Obese men are more likely to die from prostate cancer

The risk of dying from prostate cancer is higher in overweight men, concludes a major study published Thursday, May 5, without establishing a direct physiological link between these two phenomena. also readCancer: “signaturesto draw a more accurate picture of tumors This study, published in the journal BMC Medicine, is of unprecedented scope on the subject. … Read more

Shareholders cheated by bankruptcy must return money

The former German flagship for digital payments collapsed in June 2020 when its executives confessed that 1.9 billion euros in assets didn’t really exist. The German judiciary has terminated the accounts of former fintech Wirecard, exposing that shareholders already cheated by the fraudulent bankruptcy of this digital payments company must additionally reimburse the dividends received … Read more

The ACPR advises life insurance distributors after failed inspections

The Prudential Control and Resolution Authority (ACPR) on Tuesday called for sentencing life insurance professionals who failed to meet their advisory duties to the fragile public after a series of failed inspections. “After several on-site inspections, the ACPR found deficiencies in the marketing of life insurance contracts to financially vulnerable or struggling customers“, says a … Read more