Vaccine results raise hopes of mass deployment

The Oxford R21/Matrix-M vaccine maintains a high level of protection of around 70-80% after a single booster dose. A booster dose of a new malaria vaccine maintains a high level of protection against the disease, researchers assured Thursday (8). Developed by Oxford University scientists, this vaccine could represent a game-changer in the fight against the … Read more

Syrups containing pholcodine may no longer be authorized in France

The marketing authorizations for cough syrups containing pholcodine could be delayed in France in the face of a “significant risk» Allergy during anesthesia. The marketing authorizations for cough syrups containing pholcodine could be delayed in France in the face of a “significant risk“Severe allergy to muscle relaxants during anesthesia, announced Monday, August 29, the National … Read more

Good physical activity seems to limit the risks associated with Covid

People who engage in regular physical activity are less likely to contract Covid-19 and develop a severe form, according to a study published Tuesday, August 23, but it has many limitations. “Regular physical activity is associated with a lower risk of infection” on the corona virus, as well as a better prognosis for “Hospitalizations, severity … Read more

first affected the Île-de-France region

More than 1,300 cases have been reported in Île-de-France, where more than 8,000 vaccinations have already been carried out, ie 70% of the vaccinations in France. With more than 1,300 reported cases in Île-de-France, including 15 female and 4 pediatric (including one under investigation), the Île-de-France region is particularly affected by the monkeypox epidemic, emphasizes … Read more

According to a study, taste and smell remain permanently impaired in 5% of patients

According to the study by British Medical JournalSix months after being infected, 2% of patients say they have not regained their sense of taste and 4% their sense of smell. About 5% of people with Covid-19 suffer from a permanent impairment of their sense of smell or taste, estimates a large study published Thursday July … Read more

A highly resistant bacterium in HCC medicine B

Ten rooms infected with a mysterious highly resistant bacterium (BHRE), the Jérémie family said during a press conference held at the Cayenne hospital center at 11am on Tuesday. For its part, the hospital announces the end of the epidemic situation at the BHRE. It’s July 18th. Felton Jérémie, 72, returns Cayenne Hospital Center (CHC) to … Read more

Inter-LGBT lashes out at government’s “lack of preparedness”.

France has 1,567 confirmed cases of monkeypox, up from 912 a week earlier, according to the latest Public Health France report prepared on Thursday. The Inter-LGBT”rebels“Monday, July 25”in the face of government inaction, unwillingness and lack of transparencyin relation to the monkeypox epidemic referring to “difficulties in making an appointment» for a vaccination and «insufficient … Read more

The majority of recent cases of monkeypox are sexually transmitted

According to the new study by New England Journal of Medicine Conducted in 16 countries, 95% of infections result from sexual contact. The vast majority of recent cases of monkeypox were transmitted through sexual contact, according to the largest study to date, which also shows that the vast majority of those affected were gay men. … Read more

the second warning extended to pregnant women and persons at risk

On the advice of scientific authorities, the government is extending the administration of a second booster dose in an “epidemiological context that remains of concern”. The government has decided to extend the administration of a second booster dose of the anti-Covid vaccine to pregnant women to those under the age of danger» and to … Read more

first two confirmed cases in Ghana

By Clara Hidalgo Posted 4 hours ago, To update just now A WHO doctor takes a sample from a patient in Kingguangua, Democratic Republic of the Congo, on April 6. CHRISTOPHER BLACK / WER / AFP This is the first time this hemorrhagic fever, as deadly as Ebola, has been recorded in the country. 98 … Read more