Good physical activity seems to limit the risks associated with Covid

People who engage in regular physical activity are less likely to contract Covid-19 and develop a severe form, according to a study published Tuesday, August 23, but it has many limitations. “Regular physical activity is associated with a lower risk of infection” on the corona virus, as well as a better prognosis for “Hospitalizations, severity … Read more

Women affected by menstrual disorders are encouraged to report them

Women affected by menstrual irregularities that have occurred after vaccination against Covid-19 are urged to report them, the Medicines Agency (ANSM) said on Tuesday July 19, in the context of uncertainty about a direct link between vaccines and these problems. Menstrual disorders detected after vaccination with an mRNA vaccine, namely those by Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna, … Read more

US-approved alopecia drug

The American Medicines Agency (FDA) on Monday, June 13, approved a drug for a severe form of alopecia, a disease that causes hair loss or body hair and affects more than 300,000 people in the United States each year. also readAlopecia: Hair loss affects many women Baricitinib is the first oral tablet to combat this … Read more

The James Webb Space Telescope suffered a micrometeorite impact

Attention, micrometeorite! The James Webb Space Telescope was struck by a tiny meteorite impact in late May, damaging its primary mirror very slightly but thankfully it won’t affect the mission’s continuation, NASA assured. also readJames Webb telescope used successfully Like gravel hitting a car windshield, micrometeorites can easily damage spacecraft because of their speed. Micrometeorites … Read more

France joins NASA’s lunar exploration program

As Americans plan to return to the moon, France becomes the 20th country to join this new wave of space exploration. On Tuesday, June 7th, France joined the program promoted by the United States for future lunar exploration by signing the “Artemis Accords”, which provide in particular for the creation of “safe zones” to protect … Read more

A surgeon transplanted an ear implant printed from human cells

An American medical team announced on Thursday June 2 that they have implanted for the first time a human ear implant made from the treated patient’s cells and using a 3D printer, a procedure that allows people with a rare birth defect should help. also readHow virtual reality is changing medical practice This surgery was … Read more

a first case diagnosed in Lyon?

The first case identified last week is a 29-year-old man living in Île-de-France who has not traveled to a country where the virus circulates in the past. Two other patients have since been diagnosed without specifying their place of residence. According to France 3, one of these two patients was treated at the Croix-Rousse hospital … Read more

Scientists have grown plants in lunar soil

A tiny pot of soil, but a big step for space agriculture: Scientists have for the first time grown plants in a few grams of lunar soil, as reported by astronauts from the Apollo program decades ago. also readOuter Space: The mysterious “radio circuits” are gradually being revealed This success fuels hope that one day … Read more

At least 75 dead in gang clashes in Haiti since late April

At least 75 people, including women and children, have been killed in clashes between two rival Haitian gangs in the northern suburbs of Port-au-Prince since late April, the UN said on Friday (May 6). also readHaiti is in permanent chaos In a press release, the United Nations said:deeply concerned about the rapidly deteriorating security situationin … Read more

Obese men are more likely to die from prostate cancer

The risk of dying from prostate cancer is higher in overweight men, concludes a major study published Thursday, May 5, without establishing a direct physiological link between these two phenomena. also readCancer: “signaturesto draw a more accurate picture of tumors This study, published in the journal BMC Medicine, is of unprecedented scope on the subject. … Read more