Co-ownership trustees are being jostled by brazen start-ups

AFP, published on Friday, May 27, 2022 at 08:42 Vitriol ads, litigation… The emergence of start-ups looking to upset the management of co-owner trustees is forcing established real estate professionals on the defensive. They are called Bellman, Homeland, Syndic One, Hello Syndic… Young companies that present themselves as “neo-syndics” modeled on “neo-banks” offer computerized solutions … Read more

Before the Vatican tribunal, Cardinal Becciu denied having committed any fault

The testimony had been awaited for more than seven months. Cardinal Angelo Becciu presented his version of the facts before the Vatican Tribunal on Thursday, May 5, facing allegations of embezzlement and financial mismanagement of which he is the subject. A defense he expressed in a lengthy statement read before the judges for two and … Read more