Greg Guillotin reveals behind-the-scenes of ‘Worst Gendre’

FIGARO LIVE – The comedian offers a new giant swindle that you can discover this Thursday, May 5, 2022 in the first part of the evening on C8. As a guest on “Buzz TV,” MC Guillaume’s interpreter talks behind the scenes of a shoot that lasted nine hours. THE TV buzz. – C8 is drawing … Read more

Dephine Wespiser settles accounts with Matthieu Delormeau and threatens to sue him

VIDEO – By comparing her to Dieudonné on Friday, Cyril Hanouna’s columnist offended the ex-beauty queen, who plans to file a complaint against him for “defamation and public insult”. “Matthieu is poison incarnate. He must be in real pain for spreading so much hate“. Back in “Don’t touch my post!” After being sacked for a … Read more