Health: The consumption of sweeteners would be linked to the risk of cardiovascular diseases

Sweeteners are very present in the food industry and in many low-fat products and have adverse health effects. Researchers who had already demonstrated the link between their consumption and cancer risk conducted a new study on cardiovascular disease risk. “Scientists found that total consumption of sweeteners was associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, … Read more

Dengue fever near Toulouse: why a 3rd mosquito control campaign is taking place in this city

Through David Saint Sernin Published on 7 Sep 22 @ 6:26pm News from Toulouse See my news Follow this media In La Salvetat, the product to kill mosquitoes will be distributed from a pick-up vehicle “and possibly complemented by a pedestrian treatment in the affected area”, specifies the Mairimoustique (©Illustration/Adobe Stock) For a week, the … Read more

Vaccine results raise hopes of mass deployment

The Oxford R21/Matrix-M vaccine maintains a high level of protection of around 70-80% after a single booster dose. A booster dose of a new malaria vaccine maintains a high level of protection against the disease, researchers assured Thursday (8). Developed by Oxford University scientists, this vaccine could represent a game-changer in the fight against the … Read more

Parkinson’s soon recognized thanks to a Scottish woman’s sense of smell?

Catherine Falls Advertisement/Getty Images A hand wearing a latex glove holds a small clear tube and dips a cotton swab into the liquid. Space for copy. Catherine Falls Advertisement/Getty Images Screening for Parkinson’s disease could be done long before symptoms appear. SCIENCE – Being able to detect Parkinson’s disease through your sense of smell. This … Read more

these factors that increase the risk

A mix of genes and environmental risk factors contribute to this often deadly form of cancer. Medical experts don’t know exactly why people develop pancreatic cancer, but they have made strides in understanding the biology of the disease and the factors that increase the risk of developing pancreatic cancer. Like other types of cancer, pancreatic … Read more