Depression, quest for meaning, conversion to Islam… Diam’s will show up in a documentary film to be screened in Cannes

After ten years of abstinence, the ex-rap star returns to the front of the stage with the film Hello, his candid intimate portrait, co-directed with Houda Benyamina and Anne Cissé, previewed on the Croisette.

After the books the cinema. Diam returns to the stage with the documentary up front Hello, an intimate portrait that traces his years of victory, his psychological problems or his conversion to Islam. Written and directed by directors Houda Benyamina and Anne Cissé, the film will have a special screening in Cannes.

“For the first time on camera, she opens up about fame, psychiatry, the search for meaning and her conversion to Islam. She follows in Diam’s footsteps and reveals the mysteries of her story in this intimate and humble story.», Indicates a press release from BrutX, the digital media streaming platform BrutX, producer of the film.

Before I add: “Salam thus showing the difficulties of existing in the eyes of others and the public, and addressing the problem of the mental health of a great French artist and the delicate decision to change her life”.

Rare appearances

This isn’t the first time Diam’s, aka Mélanie Georgiades, has been open about her journey. After the rapper announced the end of her career in 2012, the rapper revealed herself in an autobiography in which she already addressed the particularly painful episodes of her life. The descent into hell, punctuated by the spiral of drugs swallowed to support anxiety and insomnia, loneliness, depression, stay in a psychiatric hospital … In Diams, Melanie Georgiades, AutobiographyThe singer did not skimp on the revelations.

Despite her retirement from the music scene, the singer has delighted her fans with some rare media appearances. Most notably in 2015 to promote his other autobiography Mélanie French and MuslimDiam answered Thierry Demaizière’s questions on the show seven to eight.

In 2019, she confided in the Saudi press and returned to the period in which she radically changed her personality. Sad and alone before Islam, she said at the time, she mentioned her everyday life as a fulfilled and peaceful mother.

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