Some toothpastes still contain carcinogens in their composition

Pointed out that titanium dioxide is already banned in food.

White teeth, but at what cost? In a large survey on the composition of toothpastes 60 million consumers analyzed the composition of 12 of these products, which are among the most used by the French. The results are encouraging because, according to the same media, three out of four products contain a substance that is harmful to health: titanium dioxide.

“What is worrying, worrying, is the presence of titanium dioxide, which is always present in half the toothpastes. Titanium dioxide is currently banned in food due to suspected carcinogenic effects,” Sophie Coisne, deputy editor, told BFMTV boss 60 million consumers.

Titanium dioxide in the viewfinder

According to a note from ANSES, the National Agency for Food, Environment and Occupational Safety, this substance is used in the form of a nanometric powder “because of its ultraviolet ray absorption properties and its white coloring”.

In view of several studies carried out by the same agency, the Committee for Risk Assessment (CER or RAC for Risk Assessment Committee) of ECHA (European Chemicals Agency) concluded that the substance “should be classified as a suspected category 2 human carcinogen by inhalation”. In fact, manufacturers must inform about their product “the risks that workers are exposed to when handling products that contain TiO2 (its chemical name, editor’s note)”.

This is not the first time titanium dioxide has been detected in consumer products. In 2019, the Agir pour l’environnement association revealed that two-thirds of toothpastes tested contained it. It was also recalled that “titanium dioxide is used to whiten and cloud toothpaste to give it a more ‘hygienic’ appearance that manufacturers believe is more profitable.”

Promote fluoride

To avoid risks 60 million consumers advises the French to carefully read the composition of toothpastes, a reflex that seems far from certain. Especially since, according to the same survey, it is also advisable to beware of products that promise a brilliant whiteness, whose ingredients that are too abrasive can damage tooth enamel.

Conversely, it is better to give preference to toothpastes with a high fluoride content.

“It is the most important element, it allows the remineralization of the teeth. It is important in terms of acid attacks, fluoride helps strengthen the teeth and prevent the risk of tooth decay,” explains dentist Saoussen Hamitouche with BFMTV.

Regarding toothpastes for children, 60 million consumers advise respecting the indicated age to promote good tooth growth.

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