according to 60 million consumers, very expensive, ineffective and sometimes dangerous to health

In particular, the magazine warns that certain online-bought teeth whitening products contain doses of hydrogen peroxide or carbamide well in excess of legal limits, which can have adverse health effects.

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According to the magazine’s survey, teeth whitening products should be used sparingly and in a medical setting because they are expensive, ineffective, and sometimes hazardous to health 60 million consumers published in a special issue Thursday 8 September.

The fashion for white teeth and bright smiles is driving consumers to use products bought online or make homemade products instead of going to a dentist’s office. but 60 million consumers points out that these whitening products contain doses of hydrogen peroxide or carbamide (the two products used to whiten teeth) well in excess of legal norms.

The magazine points out that legislation in the European Union prohibits dental products with a hydrogen peroxide concentration greater than 6%. Only dentists may use products containing 0.1 to 6% hydrogen peroxide or 0.3 to 16% carbamide peroxide. Products sold direct to consumers, in internet pharmacies or in smile bars must stay below the 0.1 percent mark (and 0.3 percent for urea) because they are not safe.

The magazine 60 million consumers points to several problems. Some patients may experience tooth sensitivity during installation. The products also risk making an existing undiagnosed condition worse. After all, using it too often runs the risk of damaging tooth enamel. The magazine also notes that the LED lights sold with certain products dry out teeth, which become clearer. But they will quickly return to their original color.

Finally, 60 million consumers illustrates the different costs of the different solutions. In practice, between 500 and 1,200 euros depending on the reputation and location of the dentist, a few tens of euros for products sold on the Internet and 50 to over 500 euros for laughing bars.

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