Here’s the most popular drink that increases cancer risk, it’s not alcohol!

Alcohol is the cause of many human health problems, including cancer. However, a study conducted in the United States showed that a soft drink adored by the French couldThey also, be hazardous to health. In fact, scientists have long known that alcohol is the cause of many cancers. But a new study confirms that even without alcoholcertain drinks all seem equally bad for our health. We tell you everything!

A study on sugary drinks

The study was conducted at the University of South Carolina in the United States. She questioned the influence of our food intake on different types of cancer. More specifically, the study was conducted on more than 90,000 postmenopausal women aged 50 to 79. Therefore, this study showed that women who consumed at least one sugary drink per day were at risk of encountering a health problem in their lifetime. Indeed, their risk to develop Liver cancer is 78% higher. Compared to those who drink it only occasionally.

So it can be seen that the amount consumed plays an important role. But that’s not all. As with alcohol, the risk of cancer increases as soon as consumption exceeds the daily drink. This shows that consuming alcohol or sugary drinks in small amounts can still become a risky gamble. Oral consumption can lead to many types of cancer. the breast cancerthe oral cancerthe colon cancer. As well as the more obvious ones like that esophageal cancer and the stomach cancer. Likewise the liver cancere and the Laryngeal and pharyngeal cancer.

Drinks that increase the risk of cancer

The consumption of sugar-sweetened drinks was defined as the sum of soft drinks and fruit drinks ‘ the scientists point out. ” After a median follow-up of 18.7 years, 205 women received a confirmed diagnosis of liver cancer. Our results suggest that the Consumption of sugary beverages is a potential risk factor Liver cancer in postmenopausal women. But it is an easily modifiable risk “.

Cirrhosis has long been one of the main risks of liver cancer. Scientists have established in recent years that risk factors are constantly changing. Hence the so-called Fatty liver disease“. Or sometimes “disease of sparkling water characterizes the fastest growing cause of death from liver cancer. This disease is a buildup of fat in the liver. And this is mostly caused by junk food, but also by consuming sugary drinks (which the liver converts to fat when it has too much of it).

Researchers from the University of South Carolina therefore showed that additional studies in men are therefore necessary. And this z Take a closer look at the link between liver cancer and sugary drinks. For now, however, the study conducted on women has revealed a link between sugary drinks. Like lemonade and cancer.

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