Inter-LGBT lashes out at government’s “lack of preparedness”.

France has 1,567 confirmed cases of monkeypox, up from 912 a week earlier, according to the latest Public Health France report prepared on Thursday.

The Inter-LGBT”rebels“Monday, July 25”in the face of government inaction, unwillingness and lack of transparencyin relation to the monkeypox epidemic referring to “difficulties in making an appointment» for a vaccination and «insufficient dose deliveries“.

This epidemic predominantly affects (more than 9 cases out of 10) men who have sex with men (MSM). For some of us, the news brought back the trauma of the AIDS years.‘ noted Inter-LGBT in a press release. The lesbian, gay, bi and trans association, which brings together around sixty associations, would therefore like “increased prevention, factual and non-judgmental, with people exposed, while unwillingly allowing too much delay to let the epidemic run its course“. She “reminds everyone of the right to express their sexuality to the fullest with the number of partners they want, while taking into account the reality of the epidemic“.

Inter-LGBT demands “the lifting of defense secrecy for 3rd generation smallpox vaccines and the volume of orders being placed in immunization centers nationwide“. Inter-LGBT Observations”Difficulties in making appointments due to many lifts» for a vaccination, especially under «Deliveries of insufficient vaccine doses, disorganized supply circuits, insufficient vaccination points, unavailable slots on Doctolib“.

France has 1,567 confirmed cases, up from 912 a week earlier, according to the latest Public Health France report, produced on Thursday. The government announced on July 8 that vaccination would be extended to “Men who have sex with men and trans people who report multiple sex partners“, to “people in prostitution” and to “Professionals in places of sexual consumption“. The association AIDES to fight HIV had demanded last Thursday “the state’s introduction of a “punch” vaccination campaign, relying on volunteer liberal health professionals» specifically implanted on «holiday resorts“.

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