Authorities calm down despite criticism about vaccination

In France, some vaccination centers have been active for several days, others will open from this week and in the coming weeks.

The Directorate General for Health (DGS) recognized on Tuesday 12 July “time limit“for vaccination against monkeypox, which the authorities have decided to offer preventively to the most exposed groups, especially homosexuals, but assures that”all affected persons (…) can be vaccinated“.

Access to the vaccine for those affected

Amid a rise in monkeypox cases and difficulties in tracing chains of contamination, France announced it would be extending vaccination from this week, but health officials are facing a growing number of critics who report difficulties getting an appointment. “Due to the high demand, there may be delays in making appointments and injections in the first days of the campaign.‘ agreed the DGS in a press release.

Although the monkeypox vaccines are indeed part of the strategic stockpile and the information on this stockpile is classified and cannot be disclosed for everyone’s safety, health officials confirm that anyone affected by the HAS indications can be vaccinated‘ she assured. The authorities have decided to set up a toll-free number.Monkey Pox Information Service» (0801 90 80 69) from 8.00 a.m. to 11.00 p.m. and available 7 days a week to inform the public about the epidemic and vaccinations.

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In addition, if certain vaccination sites arebeen active for several days» for example in Ile-de-France, «More centers will open starting this week and in the coming weeks to cover the entire metropolitan and overseas area“, emphasizes the DGS.

The need to “react quickly”

Since the start of the epidemic and up to July 8, more than 700 post-exposure vaccinations have been carried out by people considered to be high-risk contacts. Criticism of the slow start of the vaccination process has flourished on social networks, relayed by associations or politicians such as the Socialist Group in the National Assembly, which questioned Health Minister François Braun on Tuesday about the need “react fast“.

The possibility of preventive vaccination concerns “Men who have sex with men and trans people who report multiple sex partners, people in prostitution, professionals in places of sexual consumption“.”Vaccination can also be considered on a case-by-case basis for healthcare professionals who have to care for the sick.“, specified Public Health France.

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