Covid: Discover the three possible scenarios for the evolution of the virus

In the 3 privileged scenarios, no one understands the sudden disappearance of the Covid.

As the world gradually returned to its pre-pandemic routine, Europe has been suffering for several weeks 7th intense wave from covid. Driven by a proliferation of subvariants BA.4 and BA.5the number of hospital admissions and contaminations continue to increase.

If the future evolution of Covid remains uncertain, a Spanish scientist has revealed 3 possible scenarios of the global pandemic future.

The most likely scenario: continuous mutations

The Spanish scientist Augustin Portela, who works as a manager at the Spanish Medicines Agency, spoke of three main scenarios related to the future of Covid. In no case is he imagining it Disappear from the virus.

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According to the scientist’s opinion, reported by El Mundo, the continuation of the virus’ mutations remains the most commonly considered possibility. As long as vaccines share compositional similarities with the virus, “But there can be a wide spread of the virus no increase in severe cases“, explains Agustin Portela.

Augustin Portela, the @AEMPSGOB, have one of the days of the possible scenarios of the evolution of a virus that can be followed by acumulando mutations and then vigilar a los recién nacidos sera una new strategia. Lo cuenta @rocio79

— El Mundo Salud (@elmundosalud) June 29, 2022

The path of infection could change abruptly

In another scenario, which the expert calls complex and unlikely, the covid protein could evolve, allowing the virus to attach itself to human cells. This would mean a possible change of “tropism” or “direction” of the virus that would reach new human cells. In this case, the incidence of Covid could be total switch.

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A final scenario envisions another Covid protein binding to human cells. This event could also change the face of the virus unlimited. However, the expert adds that people who have already contracted Covid would have antibody Familiars who could protect her. On the contrary, only vaccinated people or unvaccinated and uncontaminated people could be more seriously affected.

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