LG C2: Already €500 discount on the new 4K OLED TV!

news good deal LG C2: Already €500 discount on the new 4K OLED TV!

Rue du Commerce decided to hit hard, very hard. While the LG C2, LG’s latest 4K TV, has just launched, Rue du Commerce has decided to top it with a promotion of more than €500 off! This brings the famous television below the €1500 mark and thus at a particularly attractive price.

Rue du Commerce beats the price of the LG C2 55 inch

The famous online brand didn’t do things by halves. €529 savings, that’s exactly what we can expect when we turn to LG’s 4K C2 TV. For less than €1,500, it’s an excellent opportunity to finally have at home one of the best equipped TVs from an OLED panel point of view.

Buy the LG C2 55 inch for €1469 on Rue du Commerce

The LG OLED range, to which the C2 belongs, has a huge burden on its shoulders. In fact, it comes after the CX and other previous-gen C1 and G1. All owners of LG OLED know-how, the new generation has a big challenge to face.

In fact, OLED has earned a solid reputation in the smart TV market. Contrasts, fluidity of the picture, colorimetry, OLED panels from LG have become benchmarks in terms of immersion, sharpness and picture performance.

And in video games, it’s even become the benchmark for next-gen consoles.

The C2 is therefore built on a strong heritage and, above all, on new technological advances that allow it to once again push the limits of what an OLED screen can bring.

The LG C2 and the power of the OLED Evo panel

With the C2 55 inch from LG, we are ahead of the best value for money. Indeed, with features and a more premium finish than the A2, the C2 is the direct heir to the C1 that won many hearts.

Thus we get a 139 cm diagonal TV, 4K resolution, 120 Hz in terms of refresh rate and a response time of 5 ms. In other words, a particularly well dosed cocktail to combine performance and fluidity.

Of course, HDMI 2.1 connections are included, so you can enjoy 4K at 120 fps. A treat for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X players.

Of course, this can be done via the famous OLED Evo panel, which even tries to deliver 20% more brightness.

So if you’re afraid of not being able to enjoy your TV because of too much light in the living room, you could change your mind with the C2.

Starting at almost 2,000 euros, the 55-inch LG C2 fortunately falls below the 1,500 euro mark! A price that could not be more striking for a Smart TV that is not yet ready.

Buy the LG C2 55 inch for €1469 on Rue du Commerce

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