Photoshop on the web will be free for everyone

Use Photoshop for free without trying to hack, anyone? All the better, since Adobe is currently testing a free version of its software on the web. Unfortunately access is quite limited at the moment.

Adobe Photoshop

Available on Windows, Mac and iPad, Adobe Photoshop is the reference application in the field of photo editing, image editing and graphic creation.

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Photoshop publisher is changing its business model. The famous photo editing software becomes partly free for use on the web. Adobe will continue to evolve its offer towards a freemium model, with a light Photoshop on the web but open to everyone. A way to get users used to the ecosystem and then convince them to opt for the paid version of the service.

Photoshop on any computer

As reported by the website The edge, Adobe is testing (for now only in Canada) a free version of Photoshop on the web. A Creative Cloud subscription is not required, a simple Adobe account is enough to connect to the Photoshop web interface and start editing photos. The functionalities are still limited at the moment, but the interface is there and regular users of the software will find their way around without any problems.

We want to make Photoshop more accessible and allow more people to try it and experience the product.says Maria Ya, a manager at Adobe.I want Photoshop to meet the needs of users wherever they are […] You don’t need a high-end computer to use Photoshop‘ she explains The edge. Good news for owners of less powerful devices who still want to get into photo editing, and especially Chromebook users who will eventually have access to Photoshop without having to use the Android application, which isn’t always well optimized.

Currently only in Canada

If moving from the paid model to a freemium model is a big step for Adobe, don’t get carried away. Free use of Photoshop for the web is currently reserved for a handful of users in Canada, and the company hasn’t given a firm timeline for rollout in our regions. Even with a VPN, the web software remains hopelessly inaccessible to us at the moment.

Secondly, the version offered by Adobe on the web is cut off from the most advanced features, which remain accessible only to paying customers. To convince people that a full-service subscription is worth it, Adobe has introduced a new neural network-based old photo recovery tool. With just a few clicks, Photoshop turns a faded, faded photo into a cleaner image—even if the results are hit or miss at the moment.

The change in economic model will also allow Adobe to adapt to the market. With the use of pirated Photoshop, the emergence of online alternatives like Photopea, or the growing popularity of Affinity Photo, Adobe has everything to gain by showcasing Photoshop’s qualities to the general public, once accustomed to Photoshop’s operation software, will have fewer reasons to look elsewhere.

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