Starfield: Campaign Duration Revealed, Longer Than Skyrim Or Fallout 4?

Gaming News Starfield: Campaign Duration Revealed, Longer Than Skyrim Or Fallout 4?

Following his presentation of Starfield during Summer Game Fest 2022, Todd Howard spoke to media IGN. In an interview published yesterday, he reveals many details about the title and in particular its lifespan.


  • Starfield: What is the lifespan?
  • “A dream given the amount of things they could do”

Starfield: What is the lifespan?

Following from an interview with IGN, the producer of Starfield Todd Howard provided a lot of additional information about the title. One concerns the length of the main story, which would be longer than either The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim or Fallout 4. Todd Howard even provided numbers to support his remarks:

Ultimately, this one will take a bit longer than our previous games (…) There are more quests, so it might take 20% longer than the previous ones.

When it comes to Fallout 4 and Skyrim, both have campaign durations of 27 and 32 hours respectively (according to the website HowLongToBeat). The numbers are actually lower than Todd Howard mentioning a campaign which can last between 30 and 40 hours.

“A dream given the amount of things they could do”

Of course, the content offered by Starfield will not be limited to the story mode. Todd Howard then hinted at it during the presentation of the game’s fifteen minutes of gameplay (available above) during the Xbox Bethesda conference more than 1,000 planets could be explored that offer procedurally generated content. A method that Bethesda has already used in its previous games.

In addition to the side quests present in Starfield, there are many ways to increase the lifespan of a title such as: B. DLCs or mods created by players. Todd Howard also takes them into account and seems convinced that Starfield is a good fit:

We learned that gamers have been playing our video games for a very long time. You continue to play Skyrim. Not for ten years straight, but they stop, come back to it, and there’s additional content. We will definitely be creating additional content for the game and we love our modding community. We think Starfield will be a dream come true for our modding community considering how many things they can do.

In terms of content, Bethesda seems to have targeted the moon for Starfield. However, we have to wait for the release of the game, planned for 2023 on PC and Xbox to have your head in the stars… or your feet on the ground.

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