You have two seconds to recognize its design

The Nothing Phone (1) is only a few weeks away from its official launch and this is the moment that Nothing once again introduces its future smartphone in a video where we can finally glimpse the most important element of its design.

The design of the Nothing phone (1) // Source: Nothing

After the launch event of its Nothing phone (1) was announced for July 12th, Nothing had started to spice up the design of its smartphone with images including animals. After the butterflies and praying mantis ears (1) that represented the meticulousness of their headphones’ design, Nothing is now using budgies to promote its next product. And now we finally have an idea of ​​what these famous colorful birds were perching on.

Hello pretty.

See you tomorrow.

Nothing (Event) – Return to Instinct.

– Nothing nothing) June 14, 2022

A two second teaser

In a video available on the brand’s YouTube channel, which invites you to go behind the scenes of the final preparations ahead of the phone’s announcement, we were entitled to another brand teaser that gives us a glimpse of the design of its future smartphone enabled , more specifically his back.

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Attention, the plan lasts two seconds at the very end of the video. It’s extremely unobtrusive… and you have to zoom in.

nothing phone 1
Carl Pei reveals the most important part of the Nothing phone (1) // Source: Nothing

We see what at first glance looks like a refill coil, which would therefore be clearly visible on the back, and a dual camera. The two elements thus confirm the previous rumors about the design of the phone. At the beginning of the video, we also see teenage engineering designer Tom Howard holding a similar-looking phone, although here it might just be an iPhone 12 with a clear MagSafe case. .

New details on the dropper distilled

Another interesting thing we learn with this video is that the Nothing phone (1) should not only offer a design that reveals its components, but it could also lay claim to a glowing back panel like we are in in the hands of Marketing Director and co-founder of the brand, Akis Evangelidis about 8 minutes and 3 seconds video. The light in question seems to move on the back of the phone, taking the shape of the pattern presented by Carl Pei when the smartphone was first presented last March.

ANSWER NOW - NOTHING (Event)_ THE TRUTH.  Mar 23 14_00 GMT 22-23 Screenshot
The phone’s only official design element (1) when it was announced on March 23, 2022. // Source: Nothing

We also see another member of the Nothing team reveal that the smartphone could initially be available exclusively on Stock X’s website, a streetwear and sneaker marketplace that has recently opened up to high-tech products. Therefore, as for the ear (1), we should be entitled to make products available in limited quantities on the website first with provision elsewhere. This is the first installment in a new series of videos for the brand, so we may find out a little more as we get closer to launch.

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