Resident Evil: The actors of the legendary live-action introduction reunite!

Game news Resident Evil: The actors of the legendary live-action introduction reunite!

One of the industry’s most enduring licenses is Resident Evil, which like Pokémon was born in 1996. A survival horror starring an elite team confronting the excesses of a ruthless pharmaceutical company, Resident Evil has stood the test of time.

Video released in 2016 to celebrate the game’s 20th anniversary.

Resident Evil: The First Game and its Live Action Introduction

Resident Evil is available in movies, comics, novels, animated feature films, TV series and even manga a game by Capcomdeveloped by Kenichi Iwao, Shinji Mikami, Yasuyuki Saga, Masayuki Akahori, Tokuro Fujiwara and their team. got out 1996 on PlayStation, it quickly established itself as a flagship title in the console toy library. We’re following in the footsteps of the Bravo STARS team, followed by the Alpha team.

After finding missing persons and dead bodies in Racoon City Traces of cannibalism were foundthe investigation is initiated with the aim of possibly tracking down a sect hidden in the forest. After the communication with the Bravo team was lost, Albert Wesker and his team decide to go where the other team left off. They quickly spot the other team’s helicopter. That’s when players discover a short film (first censored in Europe and North America), as cult as “cheap”in which Wesker, Jill Ventine / Chris Redfield or Barry Burton flee rabid dogs and emaciated to find sanctuary at Spencer Manor.

The cast reunited for mysterious reasons

The plans are overplayed, the effects very far from the standards of the time, but that’s exactly what made this introduction a cult. but What happened to the actors of this introduction? Well know that three of them Gregory Smith (Barry), Eric Pirius (Wesker) and Charlie Kraslavsky (Chris) were recently reunited.

The photo was shared by the Moni Resident Evil Database Twitter account, which lists everything that’s happening around the license! Asked by subscribers, the person who owns the account stated that they didn’t know what had caused this meeting, but we should know soon. Were they simply brought together with regard to celebration or festival, hard to say. For now, most people sharing this tweet seem happy to see the cast reunited.

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