Fiat E-Ulysse (2022): a (short) trip in the comfort class


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Happy are those who, like Ulysses, have a long journey behind them… 10 years of travel and several stations through Greece, Crete or Italy. Happy like the E-Ulysses that can make a long journey with multiple stops to recharge its batteries. But no evil spirit… This new large car, derived from the Scudo commercial vehicle, is mainly intended for passenger transport and, as a large-capacity taxi, hotel and airport shuttle, tour operator or VIP transfer vehicle, should already be a car for a large family. Either way, times are changing. Before that, that is between 1994 and 2010, the Fiat Ulysse was a minivan, along with the Peugeot 806 and Citroën Evasion era PSAs. Today’s Fiat Ulysse will be electric only and will see an E on its name. Staying true to its historical lineage: Fiat is in the fold of Stellantis and the electric Ulysse is therefore a shared model with Peugeot e-Traveller and Citroën ë-Space Tourer. It contains all the characteristics of its brothers down to the last detail. An exception: the radiator grille and the very impressive brand logo. This is called rebadging.

A living room on wheels

Two models on the menu: the E-Ulysse with no other name and the E-Ulysse Lounge, the subject of this test. The first can accommodate up to 8 people with three seater 2/3-1/3 bench seating in rows 2 and 3. As the name suggests, the second version is open plan oriented. In row 2, the individual seats swivel, allowing you to relax around a retractable table and meet the other passengers in row 3, who are just as comfortably seated in their individual seats.

Test - Fiat E-Ulysse (2022): A (short) trip in the comfort class

This Fiat is a great vehicle. The standard model is 4.95 meters long and the long model is 5.30 meters long, both measuring 1.90 meters. The lounge finish is available for both lengths. All seats are occupied, the load volume in the trunk is 900 liters as standard and 1,500 liters long.

The E-Ulysse has the same mechanical and technical bases as its brothers. An engine with a maximum of 100 kW, which corresponds to 136 hp, 260 Nm of torque, a top speed of 130 km/h and an unladen weight of more than 2 tons. Two battery capacities are offered, 50 kWh for an announced autonomy of 230 kilometers and 75 kWh for 330 kilometers of autonomy. A 7 kW charger with a cable for domestic sockets is standard for charging. Cable to galbés or public stations is an option. For the Lounge, which is only offered at 75kWh, 100kW fast charging is standard, which can charge the battery to 80% in 45 minutes.

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