Restaurant cards, life insurance, winter break… We take stock of what will change on June 1st

We start this month of June with several novelties. Good news with long-awaited administrative changes and less good news with the end of certain benefits valued during the coronavirus pandemic.

Ticket Resto: end of the upper limit of 38 euros

Let’s start with the worst…

During the crisis, the government had decided to double the cap to support restaurateurs and encourage the French to return to restaurants and help them revive their activity. This exceptional relief effort is scheduled to end on June 30th. So you have one month left to enjoy these benefits.

family register

The family book takes on a new form, adapting to recent additions to family law. The new family book now accommodates Medically Assisted Reproduction (PMA) and all other recently passed reforms.

“These changes take into account the new Medically Assisted Reproductive Technology (PMA) regulations, the new name choice rule, adoption reform, the identity of stillborn children and the death certificate of adult children.”says the state.

A form that is now much more comprehensive and includes extracts from civil registers as well as information on civil status and family law. This also includes the simplified name change.

makes opening a bank account easier

In the series of changes related to banking and financial products, we find the simplification of the right to access a bank account. If a person asks to open a bank account and there is no response within 15 days of their request, they can contact the Banque de France. The latter automatically designates a branch near the applicant’s place of residence.

“This procedure is open to all residents of France or a Member State of the European Union, all French nationals resident abroad and applicants who are banned from banking.”reports

A simplified home loan for ex-cancer patients

Previously, people who had cancer and then recovered had to face many difficulties and reluctance from lenders to obtain a mortgage. A profound injustice that the law is intended to rectify from June 1st.

The law of February 28, 2022 should allow former cancer or hepatitis C patients to obtain a loan on the same terms as another borrower, provided that this is done from 5 years after their recovery. The medical questionnaire for loans under 200,000 euros will be abolished.

Registration for Parcoursup

It’s not really new, but prospective students registered with Parcoursup have June 2-15 to review their admissions phase. In case of rejection or late application, an additional phase will be opened from June 23rd to September 16th.

end of the winter break

It had been extended by two more months since April 1st, and the winter break ends on June 1st. Rental evictions can resume from this date.

According to the Abbé Pierre Foundation, 30,000 households could be the target of an eviction process.

More clarity on the costs of life and PER insurance

Often opaque and complicated to understand, the aim is to simplify the cost of life insurance and PER (retirement benefits). This measure is an initiative of Economy Minister Bruno Lemaire.

It aims to oblige insurers and banking institutions to publish on their website a standard table summarizing the administration fees for each life insurance or PER.

Ease of access, which should improve a bit on July 1st, with a display of the total cost borne by each unit of account or asset.

Cancel your borrower insurance

From June 1st you can now cancel your borrower insurance at any time. This solution facilitates the renegotiation of insurance conditions in order to benefit from a better rate. It was still little used by people who had taken out a mortgage.

This measure applies to all new loans from June 1, 2022 and to contracts in progress from September 1, 2022.

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