Meta’s number two, Sheryl Sandberg, announces her retirement

“After fourteen years I will leave Meta”said Wednesday 1ah June, on Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg, the chief operations officer of the American social media giant, but who will remain on the board.

She assured that in those years “next to Mark” Zuckerberg, the company’s boss and founder “the honor and privilege of a lifetime”while the Californian group has been widely criticized by politicians and civil society for its economic model.

“It’s the end of an era. (…) I will miss working by your side every day, but I’m happy to count you among my friends for life. Thank you for everything you have done for me and my family, for our business and for millions of people around the world. You are a star “greeted Mr. Zuckerberg in a reply comment.

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Meta told Agence France-Presse (AFP) that Javi Olivan would be the new chief operating officer, but Zuckerberg said he has no intention of replacing Sheryl Sandberg’s position as it stands. “I think Meta has reached the stage where it makes sense to have our product and our different businesses more integrated with each other.”he said.

Most Powerful Woman in Tech

Sheryl Sandberg is a Silicon Valley leader and has often been cited in the press as the most powerful woman in “tech”. Hired away by Google as a rising star in the industry in 2008, she became a star.

Mark Zuckerberg has recorded a personal connection with her as true ” Number two “. And delegated to him the tasks that he did not like, in particular the development of advertising activity, which Mme Sandberg had structured at Google.

Troubled and without an economic model when it arrived, Facebook has transformed itself into an all-powerful advertising machine and successfully accomplished its transformation to mobile media. Mme Sandberg also helped by overseeing communications and public affairs activities to grow Facebook into a leader in good relations with the Barack Obama administration.

His name is associated with several scandals

But since then, Sheryl Sandberg’s star has gradually faded. His name has been associated with many scandals and controversies that the world leader has had to face on social networks. As in the Cambridge Analytica affair, in 2018 millions of American Facebook profiles were improperly restored by a provider of Donald Trump’s digital campaign.

Or allegations that Facebook is complicit in the violence against the Rohingya Muslim minority in Burma and that hate speech has thrived. Or even the dissemination of internal documents by whistleblower Frances Haugen at the end of 2020, which particularly highlights the shortcomings in the moderation systems of the social network outside the United States. “The social media debate has changed so much since its inception that it’s unrecognizable. To say it wasn’t always easy is an understatement.”‘ writes Sandberg in a Facebook post on Wednesday.

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For the past three years, and even more so in the last few months, Sandberg was less prominent, particularly in the media. The area of ​​public affairs and government relations, which had become central to a company that had been the target of numerous complaints and bills, was gradually taken over by Nick Clegg. The former UK Deputy Prime Minister was promoted in February “Chairman in charge of global affairs”.

Estimated departure in autumn

Mark Zuckerberg has also regained a larger place in management: he himself faced hostile parliamentary hearings and certain relationships with heads of state before recently deciding to bet personally on the “metaverse” and its virtual universes.

In recent months, however, the company has faced difficulties in its core business, particularly due to Apple’s change restricting advertising tracking between mobile apps. As a parade, the company is trying to develop commerce and purchases on its networks, including WhatsApp, whose incomes are very low. Mme Sandberg was responsible for overseeing responses to these challenges for Meta.

She will step down in the fall but will remain a member of Facebook’s board of directors. She announced that she is getting married this summer – her husband Dave Goldberg died in an accident in 2015 – and that she will devote more time to her association Lean In, which was founded after writing a book of the same name about the role of women in business and society. The announcement doesn’t come as a huge surprise, but it was taken by the markets as bad news for Meta, whose recent results have not been good: its title down 2.50% on Wednesday.

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