According to “60 Millions de consommateurs”, the average additional costs for households are estimated at 90 euros per month

This figure was determined based on the weight of fuel, energy and consumer goods expenses in the household budget.

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The high inflation “will take a few more months”, Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire warned France Inter on Wednesday 1 June. But at what price for households? Inflation could lead to average additional costs of 90 euros per month, e.g “catch general price increases”estimates a study published by the magazine on Wednesday 60 million consumers.

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According to data from Inflation Watch magazine and the NielsenIQ Institute, these additional costs account for a third from the increase in energy prices, another third from transport and a final one from the expected increase in the average shopping basket in supermarkets. This figure was calculated from the actual weight of fuel, energy and consumer goods expenditures in the household budget, the magazine states on its website.

“With 20% increases, the fuel already forces you to pay an average of 27 euros more per month”, while energy bills have increased by 25%, “cause additional withdrawals averaging 32 euros per month”, refers to the study.

Finally, that “Overall increase of 7% in daily necessities expected this summer will lead to overspending of 30 euros per household per month”. This last item of expenditure inevitably varies according to the composition of the household, with a family paying an average of €38 more per month, compared to €21 for a couple without children, the magazine explains.

Inflation accelerated again in France in May to 5.2% over a year, breaking above 5% for the first time in 37 years, according to an initial estimate released by INSEE on Tuesday.

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