Sales barometer May 2022: The black series continues

If the day started well for you, don’t read the following lines. Fewer than 127,000 new cars were sold in May, down 10% from the same period last year and the twelfth straight month of decline.

And if we look at the year-to-date data, it’s even worse with registrations melting 16.9%, or 600,894 passenger cars versus 723,257 last year.

As for the groups, between January and May Renault recorded a lackluster -15.4% (-21% for Renault and even -1.4% for the nugget Dacia), while Stellantis fell by 22.1% (-25% for Peugeot and -24% for Citroën, while DS limits the damage to -0.2%.

The causes of the problem are clearly identified, above all the shortage of semiconductors, which is slowing down deliveries despite well-filled order books.

Orders are filling up…

Despite the two-year delay in vehicle renewal and the COVID-19 crisis, the underlying conditions have rarely been so weak: rising raw material and energy prices, production and delivery difficulties for articulated lorries, economic uncertainties of all kinds (war in Ukraine, inflation at +5, 2% announced in May and higher, election period) », comments the company NGC-Data.

Some French people are also waiting before choosing their next vehicle to see what room for maneuver they have in terms of traffic restrictions in urban areas and fuel developments. As for the manufacturers, at least for the historical players, they prefer a policy of upward mobility in order to preserve at all costs their margins (electric motorization, availability of quality finishes, lower discounts) at the expense of registration figures. »

If we look at the fundamental trends in the market (or what’s left of it), we can see the continued erosion of gasoline engine sales, which accounted for just 37% of registrations year-to-date, compared to 43% last year.

Yesterday’s favorite fuel for the French, diesel today attracts less than 17% of motorists (23% in 2021).

Electrified drives, on the other hand, are dynamic: hybrids account for 28.6% of sales (+5% compared to 2021), electric drives for 11.9% (7.1% in 2021).

Alternative fuels are also on the rise: 4% market share for gas engines (LPG, CNG) and 1.2% for superethanol E85.

Finally, on the body side, we find that the SUVs are on a par with the sedans, each with 46% of registrations.

Hyundai and Kia are about the only manufacturers in good shape: +23% over the month between them and +7.7% year-to-date. The Koreans benefit particularly from their electrification strategy.

The top 25 sales in France – January to May 2022

ranking Make/Model Registrations
1 Peugeot 208 34,992
2 Citroën C3 24,468
3 Renault Clio 24,356
4 Dacia Sandero 22,296
5 Peugeot 2008 19,406
6 Renault Capture 19,046
7 Peugeot 308 17,336
8th Peugeot 3008 17,321
9 Renault arcana 12,954
10 Dacia Duster 12,071
11 fiat 500 11.174
12 Ford Puma 10,258
13 Citroën C3 Aircross 9,592
14 Toya Yaris cross 9.221
fifteen Renault Twingo 8,839
16 Toyota Yaris 7,917
17 Dacia spring 7,878
18 Volkswagen Polo 7,859
19 Volkswagen T Roc 7,695
20 Hyundai Tucson 7,032
21 Tesla model 3 6,757
22 Citroën C5 Aircross 6.607
23 Renault Megane 6,555
24 Mini 6,522
25 Opel Corsa 6,502

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