Today Sosh introduces a brand new limited edition cellular plan

Sosh is replacing its old no-obligation, limited-edition offerings with a single cellular plan. This is very interesting as it offers 90GB of 4G data for just €13.99 per month.

Faced with its competitors, Sosh must remain in the race for mobile plans. This time, the Orange-led operator does not offer a multitude of offers without obligation, as RED by SFR and B&You can currently do, but a single one that has the advantage of being at a good price with a maximum of 4G data.

What does the Sosh plan offer?

  • The Orange network without paying the high price
  • With 90 GB in France and 15 GB in Europe/DOM
  • Unlimited calls, SMS/MMS anywhere, anytime

Until June 13th, the limited edition package at Sosh offers 90 GB of data for only 13.99 euros per month. As usual, it is non-binding and the price does not increase after one year.

A generous 4G plan

The only limited-edition mobile plan at Sosh isn’t stingy with data. In fact, Orange’s low-cost operator goes all out with no less than 90 GB of 4G data every month in France. With such an envelope, you can do all your favorite activities on smartphones without having a nearby Wi-Fi network, such as surfing. B. Streaming, online gaming or surfing the Internet.

In addition, you benefit from Orange infrastructures without paying the price to guarantee the best possible speed, whatever your geographical position in France. Sosh not only offers network coverage of more than 99% of the population, but also gives the right to an average download speed of 110 Mb/s and upload speed of 18 Mb/s, putting it far ahead of its competitors.

Planning a trip soon?

The good thing about Sosh is also the call quality. You can make unlimited calls to all your contacts without worrying about a network problem. You can also send them unlimited SMS and MMS. These conditions apply in France, but also in Europe and the overseas departments, useful if you are planning a trip soon. In addition, we must also not forget that Sosh is quite generous abroad with a dedicated envelope of 15 GB, which is not subtracted from the basic package.

To learn more, don’t hesitate to read our full Sosh review.

How do I keep my number?

Of course, you can keep your current cell phone number if you change tariffs. First you have to add 10 euros to the total amount of your order to get the new triple cut SIM. The operator change will be seamless if you keep your number. It’s free and Just enter the RIO code your line upon registration. If you don’t know how to proceed, consult our tutorial to request your RIO.

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