Looney, Poole, Porter Jr. have insured!

Dominating and going off topic in the first half, the Warriors turned things around in the second half to recover from a 19-point deficit and win Game 2 126-117. The heroes of the evening? Stephen Curry definitely, but also and especially Kevon Looney, as well as members of the second unit like veteran Otto Porter Jr. and sixth houseman Jordan Poole.

Strength in numbers. In 2015, the year of the Warriors’ first Steph Curry version, that slogan was at the heart of made in the Golden State culture. Every player is important and depth will make all the difference. Seven years later, it’s still relevant. Given their first period, the Dubs probably shouldn’t have won this Game 2. But the great teams that have the famous DNA of champions manage to reverse situations that started badly, and sometimes the revolt does not come from the leaders but from the people. We saw that at the Chase Center last night. Midway through the third quarter, Draymond Green took his fifth foul, which forces Steve Kerr to bench him in favor of Kevon Looney. The score then? 79-68 for Dallas. Draymond returned to the field midway through the fourth quarter, the result showing…102-94 for the Warriors. Yes, the Dubs sent the Mavericks 34-15 within a quarter (approximately) with their team’s emotional leader/quarterback on the bench. And the craziest part of the whole thing is that Steph Curry sat next to him for the first half of the final third. The all-time all-time marksman, who excelled in the first half when his team was in trouble, certainly helped the Dubs seriously reduce the score at first (85-83 for Dallas when it came out), but he then watched his Rise Friends a little more to allow Golden State to take the lead and even create the gap (102-94 on his return).

The magic trio of Warriors in this turn? Forget Stephen Curry – Klay Thompson – Draymond Green for a moment and pay homage to them Kevon Looney, Otto Porter Jr. and Jordan Poole. We’ve already focused on the first one, MVP of the game please, but the other two also deserve the light. With 11 points, 7 rebounds, 4 assists, 1 interception and 1 block at 4/4 on shooting (1/1 from range, 2/3 on throwing) in 24 minutes, OPJ was super valuable in the comeback the dubs Michael Jordan Poole has once again enjoyed coming off the bench: 23 points, 5 assists, 2 interceptions, 7/10 on shooting, 2/4 from parking lot, 7/7 on free throws, with a bonus killer look launching towards Davis became Bertans, in other words it was a Poole Party at the Chase Center! The Looney – Poole – Porter Jr. – Thompson/Wiggins – Moses Moody (yes, the rookie played!) lineup is the one that allowed the Warriors to truly control the game. The top three all scored Golden State’s 19 points during the first six minutes of the fourth quarter (19-9 for GS over the period)! Steph Curry then returned to the field to put down cover with the help of Klay and Draymond but the difference was made long before that. Overall, if we zoom out beyond the entire second half, the Warriors planted a terrible 68-45 on the Mavericks, thanks in particular to a zone defense that was able to upset the Mavs’ rhythm and a more than outrageous shooting success in the final third (15/19 on the shoot , best mark of the season!). We tell you #strengthinnumbers.

Steph Curry might have been the Warriors’ top scorer tonight, but his buddies on both sides of the field were great to help Golden State win over a Dallas team that looked like they were going to come home with a win. But nothing is guaranteed given these dubs. The depth of the workforce still made the difference despite the absence of Gary Payton II and Andre Iguodala, and with a supporting cast at this level, we wonder who will be able to pull off this version of Golden State.

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