Red Bull is investigating Aston Martin

Clément Pédron, Media365: published on Saturday, May 21, 2022 at 10:48 am

On Friday, during the first day of testing for the Barcelona Grand Prix, the many onlookers in the paddock spotted two Aston Martins that looked suspiciously Red Bull. If the FIA ​​​​has nothing to say, the Austrian team will get to the bottom of the mystery…

Christian Horner saw red. Or in this case green. Yesterday, at the opening of the sixth round of the Formula 1 World Championship at the Barcelona circuit, many teams brought new developments to their single-seaters, the result of long deliberations and experiments since the beginning of the season. And upon closer inspection, some have seen double, even quadruple. When Aston Martin opened its workshops, the two AMR22s were found to be very similar to the Austrian team’s RB18s, particularly on the floor, the sidepods or the engine cover. After a thorough inspection and the opening of an investigation, the FIA ​​​​did not see the need to go any further. Not to Red Bull’s taste, who spoke of “prohibited data transmission”. It must be said that between the end of last season and the start of this season around fifteen employees of the bull barn were poached from the Lawrence Stroll company. “Basically, imitation is the greatest form of flattery, laughed (yellow) Friday, Christian Horner, the head of the team at Sky Sports. It’s no coincidence that some people switched from Red Bull to Aston Martin this winter and at the start of the season. Earlier in the week, the FIA ​​caught our attention, saying: “We have a car that looks remarkably similar to yours. Can we have a list of your staff who are curious as to where they went?” That gives us an immediate alarm.”

Any worries for Aston Martin?

“What is allowed continues Horner, we see it, it goes up and down in a paddock… and individuals change from one team to another after a period of notice, what they have in mind is fair play, it’s their knowledge. What is unfair and totally unacceptable, which we would not accept, would be a transfer of intellectual property.” This is exactly where it gets stuck. According to Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko, he is “There is evidence that data was downloaded”. Without naming them, Christian Horner thought very intensely of two men, Dan Fallows and Andrew Alessi, specialists in the field of aerodynamics, who swapped their blue outfit for a green one… We have our own software security procedures, we know exactly what software is checked and where that software is checked.” Horner added. But I think that’s the job of the regulator, the FIA, because they have access to it and we rely heavily on them to make sure there’s no transfer of intellectual property and no misuse. So it’s up to them to oversee all of this.” However, and even if the boss trusts the governing body, he confirmed that an internal investigation is quite open. Answer in the next days or weeks.

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