US Carcassonne: Christian Labit finally at the start?

On Thursday night against Nevers, the US Carcassonne season ended in gruesome fashion in the Pro D2 play-off (24-12). It’s time for this group to say goodbye after several seasons together. And maybe that Christian Labit will take a step back.

It’s often said that sport is about the details, that it makes the difference in the big moments. And those details could just as easily have tipped in favor of Carcassonne as they did on the side of Nevers. The ‘Yellow-Blacks’ will often think back to that Maxime Marty touch just before he flattened a great try, that Samuel Marquesproche penalty to find the middle of the posts, that fall by Damien Anon, who hit the post touched the stadium had held its breath, in this test of Nevers for a stroke of luck…

For the first playoff in its history, USC made none of a monumental feat to reach the semifinals of the championship (24-12). But it’s no longer the time to repeat that game, Thursday night was also the time to celebrate some players on the way out, as Samuel Marques points out: “We go out with our heads held high, we can be proud of what we’ve achieved, that’s what I told the players. I think we’ve given this club a good image again. We have to celebrate people who are leaving, who are We been there for a while we will stick together and enjoy it.

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“I am not convinced that I will stick to this philosophy again next season”

Last February, US Carcassonne announced the extension of Christian Labit for the next two seasons. But at the final whistle on Thursday evening, the former national team third-placed player dropped a bomb on the microphone channel + : “These are stories that come to an end. It’s an adventure that’s been going on for a couple of years now, I’m starting to get used to these situations and I’m tired. So I’m not convinced I’m going to stick with that philosophy for a long time. next season.” The USC manager upped the ante: “We expect a lot from the outside and it’s very hard, our daily life is complicated. Next season’s group is almost ready, we have a quality staff. I’m not a problem for the club, I’m just the one trying to move a project forward and I’m lucky enough to have men following me, so I don’t know if it’s a scoop, what’s certain is that I’m taking my time to think and know what my future will be like.”

If we have known for a few weeks that many players will leave Aude in the offseason, no one expected Christian Labit to think about leaving. So will go, won’t go? Will he take a step back and then come back? Nothing is less certain and we’ll have to wait and see what the future holds for the former Stade Toulousain player.

One thing is certain, there is a beautiful page turning for Carcassonne, a page that will have propelled the ‘yellow-black’ club to the top of the Pro D2 table. The workforce will not be the same when it resumes this summer and the center Guillaume Martocq, returning to Bayonne, would have liked to see a different result: “A lot of us are leaving the club, it’s obviously frustrating to end up like that. But I think we have to look at what we’ve achieved this season.”

The USC handover point

On the departure side: Right leg Aurélien Azar (Castres), Julien Facundo (retired), Left leg Andrei Cause (retired), Hooker Maxime Castant (Bourgoin-Jallieu), second line Christiaan van der Merwe (Nevers), third line Clément Doumenc (Montpellier) , Pierre Huguet (Bayonne), Louis-Mathieu Jazeix (Suresnes), opener Johnny Mcphilipps (Provence Rugby), center Guillaume Martocq (loaned back from Bayonne), Emmanuel Vaitulukina (loaned back from Perpignan), Henry Tuilagi (loaned back from Perpignan) , winger Sione Tui (return from Stade Français loan), Benoît Lazzarotto (resignation).

On the arrival side: the left pillar Jules Martinez (Narbonne), the right pillar Soso Bekoshvili (Brive), Vakhtangi Akhobadze (Biarritz), third lines Étienne Herjean (Oyonnax), Stéphane Onambélé (Castres), Grégory Annetta (Provence Rugby), scrum-half Pierre Pagès (Vannes), fly-half Christopher Hilsenbeck (Vannes), center Pierre Aguillon (Castres) and three Clément Clavières district (Castres).

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