One Outlook, Microsoft’s new email client, is available in beta

That’s it. One Outlook, the email client that will replace the current version of Outlook, is officially available. About ten days after a first version of the application was leaked, Microsoft has just released a beta version of its new messaging client, which members of the Insider program can test today. To take advantage of this, Insiders running a Beta Channel build of Outlook just need to turn on the small dedicated toggle that appears in the top-right corner of the email client window.

With One Outlook, Microsoft wants to standardize the interface of its mail client, regardless of which platform it is running on. Codenamed Project Monarch, this new version of the messaging client embeds new smart features, combines multiple tools into a single interface, and most importantly, enables multi-person collaboration.

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Something new on Windows

On the Microsoft operating system, the new version of the email client now includes Microsoft Loop. Similar to a project manager, this new application brings together multiple components that can be edited by multiple collaborators in real time. These items can be easily copied and pasted into Outlook emails or Teams conversations. All the data in it stays in sync no matter what tool it is used from.

Finding important documents and attaching them to e-mails should also become easier and faster. After adding the ability to mention people with the at sign in a message, the new Outlook allows using the @ sign to mention files without having to locate them, as long as they’re hosted on OneDrive.

The new version of Microsoft’s e-mail client also helps you process incoming messages more efficiently. The messaging will, in fact, automatically pin the emails it has received that it considers important to the top of your inbox and display a reminder on them inviting you to reply to them.

The Redmond-based company wanted Outlook to be the nerve center of all your day-to-day activities. As such, it has therefore integrated To Do, the to-do list application where you can drag and drop important emails to turn them into a task to be performed.

Finally, Microsoft took advantage of the telecommuting explosion among users of its messaging system to review more important features. Thus, the invitations to reply (RSVP) in the emails that integrate an appointment allow you to indicate whether you want to show your presence in person or remotely.

The beta version of the new Outlook is available today for testing within the beta channel for anyone running version 2205 or later of Outlook on their computer.

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