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Olympique de Marseille coach Jorge Sampaoli was invited to speak about his future and was unclear about his situation. The Argentine technician took particular advantage of this question to send a message to his executives.

Jorge Sampaoli sent a message to his management.

Jorge Sampaoli has no plans to catch up with Olympique de Marseille. At the end of the season, the Argentinian technician has a clear goal: to qualify the Marseille club for the Champions League.

If the current third in Ligue 1 manages to reach their target, what are OM’s goals for the 2022-2023 financial year? And most importantly, what will owner Frank McCourt’s investments be? Sampaoli is obviously asking these questions…

The Argentine wants sincerely

Invited to speak about his future at a press conference this Thursday, the 62-year-old was under contract until June 2023 and could not be sure of being on the Marseille bench next season. Because if his president Pablo Longoria wants to extend it, claims the native of Casilda sincerely about the Olympic project. I don’t know if I’ll be there next year. I think our goal. The reality is whether we play the Champions League to make money or to be competitive. You have to be clear about this so as not to deceive anyone. It’s important for the coach to know why we want to play in this competitionhe stressed before continuing with his spear.

There are very important clubs in the Champions League. So you need to know why you want to enter this competition. So you need to know why you want to enter this competition. Do we want to play it, play six games and then quit? Or do we want to be competitive? OM to be sincere at this level. The project is then decided on this basis. The funds must be agreed with the association. If we want to play C1 just to “get through” it doesn’t make sense. We have to see which team we will havethe OM coach insisted.

guarantees asserted

During this long speech, Sampaoli sent a clear message to his leaders. Participating in the Champions League to make a fool of himself doesn’t interest him. If Marseille really wants to hold its ground in this competition, the investments to strengthen the workforce have to be right. There will always be critics, the reality is to build a team that we can play competitions with like the big clubs that do all the time. Because sometimes the fact of playing it has more value than the rest. We have to be very clear about what OM wantshe clarified.

When the goal is an economic goal, this brings pressure that is not necessary. This happened in OM’s last campaign, it was sad. that we are ready for our goals. The 60,000 fans will always be at the Vlodrome, the team, the president and the owner have to follow, it depends on how competitive you are, Sampaoli finished. Whether McCourt really has the same vision as his coach remains to be seen…

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