Finally a built-in gaming PC with RTX 3060 under 900€

You should know that building a gaming PC can be really, really expensive. In addition, the delicate assembly step is extremely complex to carry out if the player decides to buy the components separately.

Fortunately, as usual, Cdiscount offers the solution for consumers who want to make their lives easier. From today you can count on the Acer Nitro N50-620.

A fixed central unit equipped with a RTX 3060 for only €899! An incredible action for this type of product whose value rarely falls below 1000 euros.


More than €300 savings on one purchase

Recently, the world has seen an unprecedented shortage of graphics cards. It’s probably the fault of cryptocurrency miners who depleted stocks for virtual currency production. Prices therefore rose very quickly, but today manufacturers seem to be gradually picking up the pace. So, before the arrival of a new breach, so much at once Take advantage of the Cdiscount offer on his Acer Nitro N50-620 Gaming PC.


It’s a real gem, equipped with an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 Series 3 whose price can reach 600 euros when purchased individually. So the complete central unit is in there Action for only €899.99, so €300 less than the value specified by its constructor. This is a discount applied directly to the purchase made on the Cdiscount website. In addition, the beneficiaries of the loyalty program Cdiscount at will are entitled to it an additional reduction of €25 with the promotional code CDAV25EUROS.

The configurations of this Acer Nitro N50-620 Gaming PC

The configurations of this Acer Nitro N50-620 Gaming PC

This Nitro 50 is truly one of the flagship models of the ACER brand. Its success is evidently explained by its characteristics, which should appeal to many players. A true concentrate of several newer technologies that will surely offer users an optimal gaming experience.


First of all, ACER relies on the know-how of Intel for its processor, whose chip quality is well-known. This PC is then based on a twelfth generation Core i5-11400F with 6 active cores and a performance of 4.40 GHz. With it, you can easily run different types of games without any latency, especially thanks to the combination with the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060. The latter itself provides a dedicated 12 GB VRAM.

Regarding the RAM, this Acer Nitro N50-620 offers up to 8 GB in DDR4 3200 MHz, obviously expandable. 3 slots are still available for a maximum capacity of 64 GB memory is 512 GB in SSD with the latest Windows 10 Family as the operating system.

Acer Nitro N50-620 Gaming PC: What Are the Benefits?

Acer is a real benchmark when it comes to gaming PCs, especially when it comes to value for money. It looks rather sober, with clean lines, but its design clearly shows that it is made for gaming use.It is the ideal frame, whether for amateurs or professionals, which guarantees comfort. So CPU and GPU go hand in hand so that games like GTA V, FIFA or Call Of Duty can run smoothly in first-class quality and frame rate.


Plus, with the ultra-fast PCIe NVMe SSD, users won’t waste time waiting forever for the loading screen. The case with a volume of 18 L can be placed perfectly on the desk or on the floor, depending on the needs of gamers. Ports for connecting peripherals are all on the front panel.

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