OM: Rothen knocks out the Parisians and talks about the controversial penalty!

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To say that last night’s classic between PSG and OM will not go down in history is an understatement as the two sides struggled to create play. Blame the Parisians according to Jérôme Rothen, who was not affectionate towards his former team: “For a spectacular game you need two great teams. But those responsible are the Parisians. They’re used to living without atmosphere for a couple of games because the CUP is on strike and we can understand them. It shows how much the club has developed. There is less passion‘ he lamented on the show Rothen ignites.

Then he continued: “If there is no show on the field, it does not encourage spectators to applaud. Without this game data, PSG would not have won this game. When you’re on a budget like that, with stars and a well-paid coach, we can rightly expect a little more spectacle. It is always the same. This team has been playing in rapid upheaval since the beginning of the year. PSG can’t build a game, it’s their fault‘ he pounded.

Rothen denies penalty!

The former France international also came back to the controversial penalty awarded to the French runners-up: “I have my info, the referee saw that angle and that’s why he doesn’t whistle on hand at the start. He felt that the ball had hit the thigh and then the hand and that he couldn’t cut his hand. That’s his interpretation, VAR shouldn’t have called him“, locksmith. An arbitral award that should cause a stir for a few more weeks.


While last night’s classic between PSG and OM was soporific, Jérôme Rothen didn’t fail to attack the Parisians. The former France international is playing on the inability of runners-up France to create this season.

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