“Flee, I follow you”, “Evolution”, “Cut! »… The films that will be shown this week


Some of the films from the Cannes selection hit French cinemas this week, such as Cut!the schoolboy and Michel Hazanavicius’ affectionate homage to the craft of filmmaking, even with large zombies spotting, or even brother and sister, the last family points settlement tournament directed by Arnaud Desplechin. However, new things keep coming to the big screens, like the rushed punk of Japanese animation junkie or the fugue in sequence recordings ofevolution.

“Flee me, I follow you”: love on a sitting cat

It’s the simplest story in the world: a boy meets a girl and it will take them all the time of a movie to realize the love between them. You also need to name it: ” I love you “ will be the last words spoken, like a magic formula that frees everyone from the unformulated. An almost ordinary romance. Apart from the fact that his journey – which he isn’t – is the whole point of this new film by the Japanese director Koji Fukada, divided into two parts, a reduction for the big screen of a ten-episode television series adapted from the manga The sign of truthby Mochiru Hoshisato.

From this serial source, the diptych preserves the successive turns, the sinuous line that reflects well the chiasmatic form of its double title: Follow me, I’m escaping you and Escape me and I will follow you. Part two hits theaters this week. The whole beauty of the film lies in the impressive tangle of detours and evasions that indefinitely delay the acceptance of the two lovers. Fukada, meanwhile, maps a Japanese society and work environment that operates like a great emotion-suppressing machine, following a form of institutionalized schizophrenia between work and private life. Mathieu Macheret

Japanese film directed by Koji Fukada. Starring Win Morisaki, Kaho Tsuchimura, Shôhei Uno, Kei Ishibashi (2h04).

“Brother and Sister”: Fusion Hate Summary

With his fourteenth feature film, which was presented in competition in Cannes at the same time as its theatrical release, Arnaud Desplechin continues a family vein that began very early The life of the dead (1991). Since family is also the site of great passions, the film traces, with an exaggerated sense, the genealogy: the open and genuine hatred directed at a brother and sister, Louis (Melvil Poupaud) and Alice (Marion Cotillard), for years . He is a writer deeply broken by the loss of a child, she an actress who plays every night The dead, by James Joyce, on the boards.

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