Married at First Sight: Bruno’s sister brutally crushes (once again) her brother, the speechless Web

This year’s wedding at first sight is coming to an end. For the good reason that every lone wolf on the show has found its footing. On Monday, May 9th, 2022, the M6 ​​broadcaster broadcast the wedding of 3 beautiful couples live for the viewer. However, Bruno’s sister came to invest her two cents to sabotage everything. We share these highlights with you!

Married at first sight: There is an atmosphere of loving connection over M6!

After several moments of dating throughout the adventure, several bride candidates have decided at first sight to formalize their relationship with their new partner. Additionally, three weddings took place on the M6 ​​set on Monday May 9th. These are the Weddings of Jennifer and Eddy, of Jauffrey and Cyndie, of Bruno and Alicia.

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After the Married at First Sight program, each new couple went back to everyday life. To be precise, make a fresh start together in their respective apartments. In Alicia’s case, the two lovebirds decided to spend a few days with Bruno’s family. We note that she chose to bring her cat named “Olympe” with her during this stay.

Only one day has passed, the couple Bruno and Alicia are already at odds!

As soon as she got to her in-laws, Alicia asked Bruno not to open the bedroom windows so that the animal could not escape. It is not known whether the latter was so enthusiastic about the new beginning that he was able to forget his wife’s request. To this end, Bruno left the bedroom windows wide open all night. So goes the bride at first sight Experience the biggest surprise of your life When he woke up !

Married at first sight
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In the morning, Alicia notices that her cat is no longer in her usual place. She questions her partner on the show, who is married at first sight, but he admits to forgetting to close the windows. Furthermore, they start arguing because Bruno’s wife is anything but happy when she hears the news. On the other hand, his anger dissipated a bit quickly because the Olympe’s cat was actually just hiding under her bed. In the end the situation worked out!

Married at first sight: Bruno’s sister came to torment the young couple’s life!

The new couple at first sight, Bruno and Alicia, have regained their composure after this heated argument related to Olympe. While waiting for Alicia to be in her house and her brother’s life, Carine quickly decides to return to her family. It should be noted that Bruno’s sister is in a bad mood but she’s also very protective with the latter!

Hence the reason she wanted to confront Alicia live right after she arrived. She insulted this newlywed at first sight by telling her it was just a hobby for her brother. Carine didn’t hesitate Pull up Bruno’s suspenders for his choice. An emotionally charged scene on M6, but one that caused some netizen dissatisfaction!

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