“I definitely noticed anyway,” regrets one of the eliminated from the series of linked destinies

If you fall, I fall. And there you have it, the always delicious Test of Linked Fates has rendered its verdict Koh Lanta, Tuesday night on TF1. In a long-awaited reversal of the situation, two members leave the majority alliance. Louana and Maxime paid the price for a failed immunity test and a daring but failed strategy to avoid elimination. The scatter of votes and the reversal of jackets will have overwhelmed the ex-reds ex-alliance.

Bitterness and resignation mix in the voices of Louana and Maxime 20 minutes was able to do a separate interview a few hours before the episode aired, but with the same questions. Who says linked destinies says cross-interview…

What state of mind are you in today as viewers discover your elimination?

Louana : I don’t want to relive that moment at all… I’m really worried about it because it wasn’t a cakewalk.

maxim : There are other episodes that I feared more, like the pitchers… I know what to expect and I’m pretty calm. But maybe it’s harder than I think right now…

How did you feel when you left? did you see it coming

Louana : I’m really disgusted and disappointed because I saw myself go further. The frustration also comes from the fact that it’s an elimination that isn’t just because of me… But as soon as I knew I was paired with Maxime, I knew it was over for us. Before this episode I didn’t feel in any danger at all, I had my place in the Reds, I had assured the ambassadors as head of the Reds, we had Nicolas as a secret agent, we were almost sure to go to the end together…

maxim : For the first time, I had no idea what to expect from this council. In the other councils where I was threatened, I knew exactly how many votes I would have against me. There, no… So it was a shock. When I found out I was with Louana, I told myself the tests would be very important. And then I tried a strategy to take control of my destiny, to become an actor. I couldn’t stay in the hot seat, that had to change, try something now or never. What stuck is that Géraldine and Fouzi didn’t want to follow me…

Did it take you long to get over it?

Louana : I needed a little time to digest the bitterness of my departure, I would have liked to have gone further… There are things that I found difficult to digest, but today I’m fine.

maxim : We spent many hours with Louana to analyze all this… She took it on with a lot of philosophy, without resentment, with some misunderstanding, but also with a lot of retrospect. She helped me a lot because it was difficult for me. I had to get things straight with certain candidates in order to understand and digest them.

Do you understand the finale and the reunion with the other adventurers?

Louana : The reunion, no, not at all. There is no animosity between us, we have remained very united, we do weekends together. On the other hand, the end will clap, it will be strange. From the first castings, filming, broadcasts… this adventure has lasted for more than a year. When it’s over I won’t know what to do with my Tuesday nights…

maxim : We had the opportunity to tell each other everything we had to say between the candidates, so I can’t wait to see the result, I can’t wait.

What would you change about your adventure if you had to do it again?

Louana : I would not shoot the ball sending me with Maxime! (laughs). Otherwise everything is fine with me. I’m happy and proud of my adventure, of my three individual victories. I was an ambassador, I was a chef. I accepted and I made sure. Nevertheless, I clearly set myself apart! I wouldn’t have liked to be transparent because I’m an adventurer at heart.

maxim : If I had to do it all over again, I would spend more time… talking about food. The other contestants talked to each other all the time about what they would eat after the shoot. Not necessarily me… However, this type of discussion helps to integrate into a group.

What do you remember from the adventure and what do you want viewers to remember?

Louana : I’m pretty happy with my image on the show, it conveys the reality of who I am. This show allowed me to know where I was mentally and physically. It also allowed me to change my pace of life. I’m self-employed, so if I don’t want to work one day, I don’t go. According to Koh LantaI took a step back, time for me…

maxim : I haven’t read what is said about me on the networks, but the people who recognize me on the street are always nice, that suits me… There is a moment that sums up the positive aspect of this adventure. At the first event with the Blues, if we win with Samira, I’ll immediately bring the totem back to the team. It’s a beautiful moment because of that Koh LantaI really wanted to be part of a team, to be a driving force without crushing anyone, that everyone has their place.

What was the hardest thing, apart from getting eliminated?

Louana : The hunger was difficult to cope with locally. Having a lump in your stomach every evening… The mind takes over. We can’t understand it if we haven’t lived it…

maxim : The hardest thing is when I go to the post test and I’m not there. This will miss my adventure.

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