the agreement on the remuneration of artists is finally signed

Since July 2016, the basic agreement was theoretically guaranteed by law: a minimum remuneration should be set for performing artists for music streaming. But this issue has been tearing apart music producers, artists and unions for years. The gong effect – the deadline before May 13 to reach an agreement – ​​forced the various parties to come to an agreement under the aegis of the music mediator Jean-Philippe Mochon, to whom the Culture Minister Roselyne Bachelot had entrusted these files.

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This agreement guarantees for the artists whose name appears on the cover “a royalty of more than 10%”, “establishes a right to systematically receive from the producer a minimum advance of 1,000 euros per album (and 500 euros for very small labels)”, “sets a maximum rate and duration of ‘allowed discounts and finally pose “Principle of the installment bonus with significant success”.

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Musicians paid per fee receive a streaming fee (more than 100 euros per musician for an album) and a bonus with additional remuneration from the golden half-single, i.e. 7.5 million euros listening.

“Historical Agreement”

In addition, the signatories undertake to support all producers, including the most vulnerable, as part of a professional solidarity system co-financed by the State. The National Syndicate of Phonographic Publishing (SNEP) is happy about it “this historic agreement”, allowing you to adapt “The relationship between performers and producers with new uses of music consumption”, everything in it “Respect for the economic model” of all music companies, “regardless of their size and ability to produce and develop artists in France”.

For the Union of Independent Phonographic Producers (UPFI), it is “It is imperative to consolidate economic models within five years (…) to produce national champions”. For its part, the Union of Contemporary Music (SMA) has a downside. As small labels’ cash flow and profits are limited, he calls on producers’ civil societies to formally commit to covering half of the advances. The SMA is also awaiting the results of the study carried out by the Center national de la musique on the fake streams (misheard) the “Unbalancing Artist Compensation in the Streaming System”.

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