The wrestling world supports Sasha Banks and Naomi

As you know the wrestling world is in an uproar with everything that is happening on the WWE side regarding Sasha Banks and Naomi exiting the arena where WWE was taking place in the middle of a televised broadcast.

Several wrestlers wanted to support the two wrestlers, especially some who had gone through WWE:


“Always, always, ALWAYS fight for what you believe in. Damn, ALWAYS!!!”

CM Punk responds to Matt Cardona ironizing the situation:

“If you go back in time to fight for yourself, you should fight for the workers of today.”

Big Gush:

“You have to have the courage to leave the table when respect is no longer given.

-Tene Edwards”

Big Damo:

“Damned !”

Big Damo then responds to a fan talking about dangerous female wrestlers following WWE’s press release:

“Go somewhere else guys. There is no one on earth who can think that Nikki and Kim are dangerous.”

Shayna Baseller:

“There will come a distant time when our chapter itself will die as I die. So, my sons, I will await your call from whatever realm of death holds me back, and I will, no matter what the laws of life and death are, in the end I’ll be there for the final fight.”

What is certain is that we may witness a future revolution on the WWE side that will give ideas to other Superstars.

Photo credit: WWE

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