new record in New York with the sale of the Macklowe collection

With a “$922.2 million total”that indeed “The most expensive collection ever auctioned”greeted Sotheby’s.

The hyper-dynamic New York art auction market has once again broken a record set by Sotheby’s: $922 million for the very famous Macklowe collection, sold twice, last November and on Monday evening May 16th.

Sotheby’s, which moved to New York from London and has been owned by French-Israeli telecoms magnate Patrick Drahi since 2019, dominated the fall season in November, totaling $676.1 million in sales in a single evening with the first batch of 35 works in this Macklowe collection. As of Monday night, Macklowe’s other 30 tracks sold out in 90 minutes for $246.1 million. With a “$922.2 million total”that indeed “The most expensive collection ever auctioned”greeted Sotheby’s.

It was launched in two batches following the divorce of the wealthy couple of Harry Macklowe, a real estate developer, and Linda Burg, a volunteer curator at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (Met) in New York. The painting was one of the top sellers of the evening Untitled by Mark Rothko left for $48 million seascape sold by Gerhard Richter for $30.2 million and the Self-Portrait by Andy Warhol, which reached $18.7 million according to Sotheby’s.

In November, The nose by Alberto Giacometti, an impressive hanging bronze on which the sculptor had begun work in 1947, sold for $78.4 million, N°7, a minimalist painting by Mark Rothko, $82.4 million and Number 17, 1951 sold by Jackson Pollock for $61.1 million.

The art market is doing great in New York. The spring sales season kicked off May 9 at Sotheby’s competitor Christie’s (owned by wealthy Frenchman François Pinault), which was selling a portrait of Marilyn Monroe Shot Sage Blue Marilyn by Andy Warhol for $195 million. The most expensive work of art of the 20th century that was ever publicly auctioned.

As of Thursday night, Christie’s had also sold works for $831 million, including the bronze sculpture Fourteen year old dancer, by Edgar Degas, part at $41.6 million, the highest ever auctioned for the French artist. And the birds of preya more than 10-foot-long skeleton of a dinosaur Deinonychus antirrhopus, made up of 126 fossilized bones, has sold for $12.4 million.

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