At the Cannes Film Festival, Virginie Efira will be everywhere

CINEMA – The new queen of the Croisette. Like Léa Seydoux last year, but who unfortunately had to cancel her visit due to Covid-19, there is a good chance that from this Tuesday, May 17th, the opening date of the Cannes Film Festival, the audience will only have eyes for one person will have. This is Virginie Efira.

The Franco-Belgian actress is no stranger to the area. We have already seen her in the casting of several films in competition. There were sibyl by Justine Triet, but also two feature films by Dutch filmmaker Paul Verhoeven. Her very cynical role as an Italian nun convinces her to be in touch with Christ Benedetta had left no one untouched in 2021.

From this Tuesday we find it on the red carpet. And with good reason, Virginie Efira is the mistress of the opening and closing ceremonies. According to the organizers, she is “a solar presence to celebrate cinema”, joining the long list of those who have taken the position before her, such as Doria Tillier (2021), Monica Bellucci (2017 and 2003), Audrey Tautou (2013) or Isabelle Huppert (1998).

The actress will be back in the eyes of photographers twice ahead of her May 28 speech. The premiere will be on Saturday May 21st for the premiere of See Paris againthe new film by Alice Winocour (Near, Augustine).

Tahar Rahim cannot forget Virginie Efira

In this drama in the competition of the Quinzaine des Réalisateurs, Virginie Efira portrays the character of a woman, a certain Mia, who, after an attack in a brasserie where she was, will somehow try to reconstruct the events whose memory has been impaired the tragic Occurrence. His goal: to rebuild himself and find some happiness.

The second, on May 22nd. And this within the framework of the projection of Don Juan. Serge Bozon’s new dramatic and musical comedy (Mrs. Hyde) will be presented in the Cannes Première selection of the festival. The tone of the film promises a contemporary and atypical reinterpretation of the piece. Her hero Tahar Rahim is no longer the one who seduces all women. He’s lost, obsessed with the one he’s loved for a long time.

“It’s a nightmare,” he breathes in the trailer. Redhead, blonde or brunette: all the women he meets look like Julie (Virginie Efira). The reunion will eventually take place. You will be around a seafood platter, all dishes conducive to our Mistress of Ceremonies on the Croisette.

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