Portal 3: If Valve seems undecided, “it is badly needed,” according to the screenwriter of the legacy games

Gaming News Portal 3: If Valve seems undecided, “it is badly needed,” according to the screenwriter of the legacy games

It didn’t take many games for Gabe Newell’s studio to make its mark on video game history: Half-Life and Portal are clearly the two strongest exponents. Elevated to the rank of Masterpiece, the Portal license has been talked about to the day since the release of the second installment nearly 11 years ago. Sadly, it’s dead quiet on Valve’s side, but the screenwriter of the two parts seems determined to shake up this beautiful world!


  • Forge the iron while it’s hot
  • Portal 3, now or never?

Forge the iron while it’s hot

Focused on manufacturing and bringing to market steam deckthe Valve company has put video game development on the back burner to focus on the hardware, although it has allowed itself a little flirtation by announcing a small, unpretentious game in the Half-Life and Portal universecalled Aperture desk job. O portal! This simple name is enough to ignite the nostalgic fiber of a significant number of gamers yearning for a new episode. Don’t worry, you’re not the only ones wanting to get back into it: On the side of those involved in its construction, the impatience at the idea of ​​delving back into this universe is palpable, but it’s Erik Wolpaw in particular who sounds the alarm at the question of follow-up projects.

Portal 3: If Valve seems undecided,

According to him, Valve must actively consider the question of a third installment as soon the entire original team is in danger of ” literally too old to work on Portal 3 if they wait too long. At least that’s what he implied on the Kiwi Talkz podcast’s mic, and he didn’t hesitate to emphasize that urgency by saying the writing must begin and ” You must start Portal 3 ». As he explains, the clock is ticking and they reach a point” where it’s crazy to think that we’re literally too old to be working on Portal 3, so we should just do it. »

Portal 3, now or never?

We get it: there is no lack of motivation on Erik Wolpaw’s side, but he needs to be surrounded enough for the project to come to life. While very enthusiastic, he remains aware that bringing a major new episode of Portal to the Valve teams could prove difficult.

Oh yes, please. I’ll be working on a different portal every second, but I can’t do it alone. — Erik Wolpaw, screenwriter on Portal 1 and 2

I could make the case for a new episode… that might help a bit, but the problem is that Valve has 300 employees and I don’t know the exact breakdown – how many of them on the production side versus Steam’s commercial side versus the legal one side, compared to everything else (…) So there’s a significant opportunity cost to taking 75 people to try and make a game. Even though Valve often doesn’t seem to be, as a group of people sitting around a swimming pool and Sipping gin and tonic, everyone is working. — Erik Wolpaw, screenwriter on Portal 1 and 2

Putting a team together is therefore not an easy task in a society where everyone seems to be busy with many projects that can constantly change. This would require a lot of persuasion, especially since, according to Erik Wolpaw, a third portal would have great financial potential.like other games from the company, although it relies heavily on it Counterstrike: GO or on VR with Half-Life Alyx what grows some modsincluding one by Bioshock.

They work all the time, you just don’t always see the result, it doesn’t always come out, or it comes out years later and morphs into something else. So consideration is given to everyone (…) People are all doing something. — Erik Wolpaw, screenwriter on Portal 1 and 2

So we should almost take them – it’s like a revolution – and encourage them to leave what they’re working on to come and work on something else, in which case it would be Portal 3. — Erik Wolpaw, screenwriter on Portal 1 and 2

Portal 3: If Valve seems undecided,
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