Laura Pausini’s discomfort, Mika’s failure, Maneskin’s injury… Things to remember from Eurovision 2022

A look back at the highlights of the finals of the 66th edition of the International Singing Competition, held at the PalaOlimpico in Turin, Italy on Saturday night.

that “Excess of Emotions” by Laura Pausini
The Italian star, who hosted Eurovision 2022 alongside Alessandro Cattelan and Mika, offered the public a medley of his greatest hits in the launch, changing his outfit and color with each track. From orange to white to yellow, blue and black, the 48-year-old Italian singer has mostly expressed her voice through covers Io canto, loneliness and The cose che vivi. It’s a celebration of dresses and colors throughout the evening, which Laura Pausini presented with no fewer than four different outfits. A burst of energy that made him mysteriously disappear from the air for almost an hour. “She felt uncomfortable”suggested Stéphane Bern on France 2. The Italian singer, who reappeared at the end of the counting of the international judges’ votes, explained that she had one “Excess of Emotions” during this evening.

Mika delivers the presentation… in French
Historically, French has been the official language of Eurovision and remains present throughout the presentation of the competition each year. Although English predominates, some explanations remain in Molière’s language and Mika took care of them at the Pala Olimpico in Turin. In addition to French, the Lebanese singer is fluent in English, Spanish, Italian and even Arabic and Chinese.

The mysterious Norwegian yellow wolves
Like Daft Punk, the subwoofer duo makes its identity a real mystery. Dressed in a dark costume like the Men in Black, the two singers hide their faces in a full yellow balaclava, dark glasses and a wolf mask. On stage during the interpretation of their title Give the wolf a banana As outside, the subwoofers enjoyed this anonymity and constantly played the crazy characters. Especially during Mika’s interventions in the Green Room, the area where all the participants gather after their performance.

“If you have a butt like that, you gotta show it”
“Her name is Chanel, she’s not dressed by the brand of the same name, but it’s very, very…” To introduce the Spanish singer, France 2 host Stéphane Bern was at a loss for words. It must be said that the latter appeared on stage with a particularly sexy outfit that accompanied a resolutely sulphurous artistic proposal. Designer Alejandro Gómez Palomo’s very high-waisted bodysuit, encrusted with thousands of Swarovski crystals, drew quite a few heads. “She will remember it for the rest of her life”translated Laurence Boccolini and took up Chanel’s statement to the public. “Some people in the front row too, I thought it was wise to do a lot of backing.” And to Stéphane Bern, to add: “If you have such a butt, you have to show it”.

The Ukrainian singer’s cry for help
As the winners of this 66th edition of the international singing competition, the group Kalush Orchestra was unanimously celebrated by the 16,000 spectators after the interpretation of their title Stefanie. While the Ukrainian people have been fighting the Russian invasion for more than three months, the leader of the musical formation used the Eurovision exhibition, which is watched by almost 200 million viewers every year, to send a message: “Please help Mariupol, help Azovstal, now”exclaimed Oleh Psiuk.

Mika and geography
In the middle of the Green Room, the former coach of “The Voice” sometimes had trouble staying focused. Between the Norwegian wolves amused by his presence and other disturbing elements, Mika didn’t know how to recognize the Romanian artists when he came to interview them. “And here we have Spain”, he said as he approached them before realizing his mistake. When he then wanted to start the next performance, he got into the wrong country again. “And now it’s the turn of the Netherlands… uh, Poland!” (in English “Holland” instead of “Poland”).

Maneskin’s injury
A year after winning the title, back on the Eurovision stage Zitti and buoni in Rotterdam the group Maneskin came to interpret their new song entitled supermodel. While Victoria De Angelis and Thomas Raggi were very agile on stage, Damiano David seemed reduced, visibly unable to move normally. On Maneskin’s social media, the singer is filmed backstage walking on crutches due to an ankle injury. When host Alessandro Cattelan asked what advice he should give to artists attending Eurovision this year, Damiano David replied: “I have two, have fun and don’t stay too close to the table”. Humorous reference to the drug use charges he faced last year.

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