“I was dragged through the mud”

INTERVIEW – The doctor is back as an actor in The Doc and the Vet on France 3. An opportunity for a tough update on the last difficult months he has just gone through.

Some media said so “dead”. At 64, after the suspension of two shows and a controversy that hit him at the beginning of the pandemic, Michel Cymes is calm. He’s enjoying his new passion, comedy. He’s back in the series The Doc and the Vet on France 3, with Dounia Coesens. In March 2021, the first episode was crowned with a magnificent audience. With “Take care!” making France 5 happy and “Les Pouvoirs extraordinaires” on France 2, Michel Cymes abandons animation and reconnects with “his DNAhe says medicine.

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TV MAGAZINE. – You were mistreated by certain media at the beginning of the health crisis, is that digested?
Michael CYMES. –
I’ve become more composed and that comes with the end of the Covid obsession and the resulting general aggressiveness. It’s the other side of the coin if you’re lucky enough to be popular and actually very exposed.

Many still think you said the covid was flu but you didn’t say what happened?
I have never said that. I repeat it everywhere I go to no avail. As Roselyne Bachelot says: “when the fan starts when tired, it is very difficult to stop“. It all started with an SMS from Nadine Morano. I intervened in a program where I felt it was irresponsible to maintain a climate of psychosis on the virus. She misunderstood it and wrote the tweet afterwards:Cymes #flutte“. That is how it goes.

How did you experience this “lynching” in the media?
It shook me, I don’t think I deserved such a mud flood on my head. A lot of people called me and said:Houla! what are you doing!In hindsight, I understood that this controversy only affected the social networks of conspirators and politicians on the far right and far left. This is absolutely not the French opinion. We really need to demystify the networks, especially since most of them speak out anonymously. I left them a long time ago except for TikTok to keep in touch with young people.

Worst case scenario, did you want to stop watching TV?
No, I stood back and thought. I admit I made two mistakes. The first was to attack the politicians who were saying nonsense about the Covid. I’m too loud and impulsive! Next time I’ll stay in my strict domain. I’m not Robin Hood, I can’t always get involved in everything.

And the second mistake?
I exposed myself too much during the pandemic. I did it altruistically and not at all to show my face, I don’t need it. When “C to you” or others kept calling me to come and give my opinion on the pandemic, I felt an obligation given my popularity as a whistleblower. people said, “We only see him“. It’s hard for a doctor to accept, but I’ve learned to say:I do not know“. We should have said it more often. But I remember saying:Everything I tell you is based on what I know at the moment Tbut everyone forgot.

“When I see the sheet music of ‘Take care!’ and The Doc and the Vet, I tell myself that people don’t hate me as much as social media is trying to make them believe.

Michael Cymes

Has success ever turned your head?

My maxim is “Smile at the people you meet on the way up, you will meet the same people on the way down” and “Tarpeian Rock is near the Capitolwhich means there is only one step between honorifics and omissions. I’ve always taken a step back with popularity. When you’re 25 and doing nights at SAMU, you’re confronted with death and dramatic imagery, it makes you want to put everything in perspective. It will blind you for life! The love, the disillusionment of the French, being voted “the French’s favorite host”, yes, all this is far from trivial, but I’ve always been able to put it into perspective.

Two of your shows were cancelled, “Vitamin C” and “Antidote”, how did you experience that?
It’s very simple, we were entrusted with an extremely damaged hut at 5.40pm on Sunday, who told us: “Go ahead, let’s see if it works, so much the better, if not, too bad“. And it didn’t work. Objectively, perhaps animation and entertainment isn’t practice for me. Either I’m not good enough, or people don’t want to see me as a host and prefer that I provide them with a ‘healthy’ program calm down. In France we put people in boxes.

Make an exception with fiction!
Yes, it’s true, people allow me to do comedy, but they don’t tolerate me doing a show where people stand between them and me! (laughs)

The first episode of The Doc and the Vet had a very good audience, did that calm you down in your destiny?
For sure! When I see the notes of Take Care! and The Doc and the Vet, I tell myself that people don’t hate me as much as social media tries to make them believe, it helps to placate me. I will also be filming two more episodes of the series!

Like Alessandra Sublet, could you quit animation to pursue comedy?
Call me again in a few years… Since the pandemic, I’ve been living according to my wishes and every project must above all be linked to the word “pleasure”. If I can keep alternating show and fiction, that suits me perfectly. I always wanted to be as spontaneous as possible in everything I do, so I didn’t take acting classes, just like I never took animation classes. On the show, I play a medical character because when you’re not an actor, it’s easier to look natural. I’ll save the composition roles for later, but I really want to.

You are a health ambassador for the Olympic Games 2024, what does that mean for you?
An honour, an enormous responsibility and a consecration. I work for the collective Pour une France en forme with the greatest experts in “sports health” and Tony Estanguet, President of Paris 2024, triple Olympic champion. I am their spokesperson to make physical activity a national concern and mobilize communities to implement action on the ground.

Michel Cymes and Dounia Coesens © Nicolas ROBIN – FTV – CHRYSPR

The Doc and the Vetirresistible

The first episode of will be released in March 2021 The Doc and the Vet triggered on France 3, placing the channel at the top of viewers ahead of TF1. More than 5.1 million curious people were delighted by the encounter between a young doctor from Paris and a veterinarian from Auvergne. Confusing of course, Michel Cymes is impressive alongside Dounia Coesens. In this new episode, the conflicted relationship between the two heroes takes an unexpected turn. “With Dounia, we are committed to making our characters evolve to look like they do in real life. It’s still a France 3 series, there won’t be any sex scenes and that suits me, I won’t hide it from you!»

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