“Nice is proud to welcome Ikea,” we tell you about the crazy day of opening the store of the famous Swedish brand

“It’s worse than a concert, but we’ll queue”

“Pff, it’s worse than a concert, but we’ll stand in line…”, sighs a young man who has come with his mother, noticing the endless queue pressing in front of the blue and yellow box on the Var plain. It clumps together: “No choice.”

No choice: The Ikea in Nice is (finally) opening its doors, right next to the Allianz Riviera, after years of tribulation for the brand.

And there are strollers, canes, teenagers, couples, girlfriends, solos, forties. Quantity.

Shortly before 10 am Almost a thousand people stamp their feet (friendly and waving flags are offered by the hostesses of the Swedish furniture giant).

“I will choose a new kitchen”

Gisèle and Claude, in their sixties, came from Le Cannet. Arrived around eight o’clock. You, beaming: “We’re going to pick a new kitchen…I’m tired of the old oak furniture!” Him, grumpy (in the sun it starts to hit hard): “Well… OK honey”. She urges him. He cuts a fine figure, bending: “We couldn’t miss it, Ikea, finally…”

A little girl is crying behind them. There you go, Anna 10 months and voice. And then his mother Cécilia, 33, and his aunt Karina with a pretty round belly. Two hours awake even though you are seven months pregnant: “It’s okay, it’s Ikea, it’s worth it”She laughs. “Oh yeah”, adds Cecilia enthusiastically. They traveled from Grasse to “Buy the future baby room” mouths in the heart: “There is nothing better than Ikea.”

“Way of the Swedes”

“Yes, you will have dumplings”, a mother assures her screaming four-year-old. She’s been there ever since “Two o’clock. I’m from Les Moulins. The little one is also impatient…”

It’s good. The GO made in Ikea takes over the microphone: “Your shop is big, it’s brand new and your dumplings are here…”.

zeal in the forecourt. We throw Abba at full speed. “And whythe announcer asks spontaneously. Because the band is Swedish! It’s a group in the colors of Ikea!”.

In the queue we also come across institutions, “who don’t want to say they enjoy their Wednesday”old people from the neighborhood: “We’re watching, vé!”. And Martine and her friends who are coming “Look out the backcountry, don’t buy, huh!”.

Boom, let go of blue and yellow glitter. Opening. Mastered. Acrobatic dancers tease yellow and blue chains. We enter. We leave. Calm. And yes, Jordan comes out with an Ikea bag covered with a “Promenade des Suédois”: “Swedish, but above all Niçois”, he blurts out and wipes his ticket on the tram.

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