the great regret of Gilles Bouleau and Apolline de Malherbe in the DSK affair (VIDEOS)

Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the big favorite in the 2011 Socialist primary that nominated the party’s candidate for the 2012 presidential election, gave up his dreams of victory and passage to the Elysée after a runaway affair. The man, who was then head of the IMF, was accused of sexual assault, attempted rape and kidnapping by Nafissatou Diallo, a maid at a New York hotel. Charges in the criminal part of the case were dropped in August 2011 – the judge questioned the alleged victim’s credibility – but prompted the French politician to sign a $1.5 million agreement in December 2012 to settle the civil claims to end.

figure of Daily, the program presented by Yann Barthès on TMC, Julien Bellver returned last night to this dark affair that has been the subject of many rumours. While many voices supported the complainant, others mentioned a possible plot to bring down whoever had every chance of winning the 2012 presidential election. The DSK crash, which was built on the basis of more than 300 hours of archive material and personal testimonies, also deciphered the media treatment of this affair. In particular, the arrival of Dominique Strauss-Kahn in France in September 2011, followed by dozens of journalists and cameras. ” They are almost greeted as heroes. Anne Sinclair makes big signs… It’s almost like victory ‘ commented Apolline de Malherbe, the RMC journalist who was then a Washington correspondent for BFM TV.

The latter has also made its mea culpa by again participating in this media frenzy. “There is nothing to say because they are locked up, we have no picture. I’m not proud of everything. At the same time we were there, we were there, we revealed things. However, if you track down the beast and say what he ordered for pizza, it’s not necessarily what we did best at one of two duplexes ‘ she explained, looking back on her long hours spent in front of the IMF waiting for information.

Gilles Bouleau, then a reporter in the United States, also got involved in this race to find the hit at any cost. A situation he later regrets. ” I’m a little ashamed because all the years I’ve been in the United States I’ve prided myself on doing clean journalism. And there I spent hours on a folding chair, like a fisherman, looking for Dominique Strauss-Kahn, whom I knew little (…) and Anne Sinclair, a person I always held in high esteem. I had a schizophrenic moment where I said to myself, “What are you doing here?” ‘ he confided to TMC.

Clara Kolodny

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