two contestants accused of plagiarism by viewers

Wednesday, May 11, Rasmus Munk invited to the M6 ​​culinary competition. This Danish chef asked the contestants to prepare a dish with a shocking message. Two records reacted violently on Twitter.

“A powerful image to remember the message for a long time”, sums up chef Rasmus Munk. Wednesday evening in “Top Chef” this Danish two-star chef presented a special challenge to the candidates: to denounce or defend a cause through a shock dish. If each participant quickly came up with an idea, such as raising awareness of bullying at school or the harmful effects of tobacco, two other suggestions challenged the audience during the tasting.

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The preparation of the dishes by Mickaël Braune in Philippe Etchebest’s team and that of Arnaud Delvenne, a member of Glenn Viel’s brigade, felt like déjà vu. When the two candidates’ proposals were welcomed by their mentors and guest of the day, netizens were surprised by the disturbing similarities to certain proposals already served up by Rasmus Munk. To denounce the problems of intensive farming, Mickaël Braune placed a syringe filled with gravy on his plate. But “My good pig”, so named by the chef of Philippe Etchebest’s brigade, looks like a dish from the Danish chef. In 2019, Rasmus Munk offered a pork recipe on his menu at his restaurant, voted best in Europe, with the sauce being squirted into a syringe. “A Manifesto Against Antibiotics” as explained The world back then.

Meal “My Good Pig” M6 screenshot

The two candidates qualified through Rasmus Munk

The other idea accused of plagiarism is that of Arnaud Delvenne. In Don du sang, Don de soi, the Glenn Viel Brigade candidate wanted to campaign for the lifting of restrictions on homosexuals wishing to donate their blood. In order to serve his dish with an impressive appearance, this young Belgian chef has placed a large bag of blood filled with a red fruit sauce of perfect resemblance. A concept that chef Munk came up with back in 2017. The Danish court promoted organ donation.

Arnaud's dish

Arnaud’s dish “Blood donation, self-donation” M6 screenshot

Viewers took to Twitter throughout the tasting. “If they qualify with that ‘cheat’ I would be really disappointed” From where “You copied Munk yourself… Abused!”, we can read in the social network. For his part, Rasmus Munk didn’t seem surprised by this supposed copy and paste, as the chef qualified Mickaël and Arnaud’s plates for next week’s competition and appreciated the messages “We will remember” he thought enthusiastic.

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