Balenciaga pushes the boundaries of the destroyed look with its used sneakers for 1450 euros

The new campaign model Paris sneakers signed Balenciaga. Hurry

Introducing the new line of sneakers from Balenciaga, christened paris sneakers, Panic on social networks. And its artistic director, to push the boundaries of creativity once again… And the irony?

The House of Balenciaga knows how to get people talking. This Monday, May 9th, 2022, Balenciaga announced the launch of a rather surprising new sneaker line by the name Paris sneakers. A capsule of aged canvas shoes that comes in multiple models, also with multiple levels of wear. The brand has decided to communicate about a not for sale model that panicked the internet as soon as it was released. Yellowed or charred cotton, notched canvas, blackened sole with a graffiti logo on the front… This is the decrepit model that draws attention.

The new campaign model Paris sneakers signed Balenciaga. Hurry

must wear

The house has used this particularly well-worn pair to highlight three other wearable models, which in turn are up for sale. The first, baptized at a price of 1450€ Paris High Top completely destroyed, Available in black and white, is the most used version of this line. Tears on the cotton fabric, worn soles and Balenciaga mention on the front of the sole… A destroyed look that still remains much more wearable than the images used for the campaign. 100 pairs of these can be pre-ordered on the house’s website.

The Paris High Top Full Destroyed sneaker is available in a limited edition Hurry

Finally, two other models with relative wear complete this line Paris sneakers. Priced at €495, they can be found in a high-top or mule version.

A campaign that makes people react

To stage this new model and ensure this media coverage, the photographer Léopold Duchemin was chosen by the brand. In a video and also through a series of portraits, the breakdown of Paris sneakers is staged. “That’s what the still lifes of the photographer Léopold Duchemin suggest Paris sneakers are made to be worn for a lifetime,” the house explains. A poetic metaphor of the passing of time for those who can see and understand it.

Bet won for the house: the reactions on social networks are lively and numerous, testifying to the misunderstanding that welcomed the launch of this couple. “Imagine buying these Paris sneakers, and that your mother throws it away because it looks worn out,” emphasized a user on Instagram in particular with humor. Among the few supporters of this extraordinary concept by Balenciaga, one could read on social media: “I love the idea. As a teenager, I wore my shoes until they were completely destroyed. I understand where they’re coming from and I’m a total fan.”

Worn and tired dressing room

Balenciaga is far from the first house to have explored clothing in its collections. This is especially true for the haute couture collection hobbyvagabond, by John Galliano at Dior in 2000, remained in the annals for having deeply shocked public opinion. But this “trend” is also evident in ready-to-wear: a pair of ripped tights, grass-stained jeans, both by Gucci, Converse and his (vintage) pair of Chuck Taylor sneakers in 2020. Many brands are venturing into this contentious area . Always with so many reactions.

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