“The aftermath of ‘The Voice’ is quite shocking”

INTERVIEW – During the Super Cross Battles, the last stage before the live broadcast this Saturday on TF1, the singer coached by Vianney made a bet to interpret a song by Florent Pagny. If the main prospect welcomed the performance, the public vote did not allow them to qualify.

TikTok boom. A video on the TikTok platform and 2.3 million views later, Gautier passes the casting for “The Voice”. A blessing for this young man from Nancy who dropped out of medicine in 2020 to attend a music school. From a personality “very sensitive”, as he defines himself, the singer had to deal with the stress of his blind audition. His very “emotional” interpretation of the song A Song for you by Donny Hathaway turned three buses around. Obviously he’s joining the Vianney team that has “instantly surrounded”.

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On stage, Gautier experiences a musical adventure in which every song represents a message. This Saturday, to hope for live access, the candidate relied on emotions know how to love by Florent Pagny. A highlight that touched the original actor. Unfortunately, if Vianney judged his talent had just performed at its best, he lost to his friend Nour. Not without nostalgia, Gautier takes stock of this important experience.

LE FIGARO. – What memories do you have of those Super Cross Battles?
Gautier. – I lived that night with exactly the same stress as the Cross Battles, but mostly with less confidence. The day before the bonus we changed my whole performance at the last minute, the arrangement, the sound and even the choreography… This change put me under a lot of pressure, but thanks to a lot of work everything went well.

Why did you decide to interpret the title? know how to love ?
I had to choose a title in French. i found this know how to love was a good follow-up to my career on The Voice. On a personal level, the Super Cross Battles fell on the same day as my mother’s birthday. It was important for me to dedicate this song to him with the following message: If you know how to love, you know how to do everything.

Was it an extra pressure to sing in front of Florent Pagny?
I was aware of the risks, but the message could only be prettier. Once on stage, I didn’t feel that pressure anymore. When I interpret a title, I always try to appropriate it and provide a personal version. At the end of my performance, Florent Pagny really felt that I was telling him a story with my emotions. Even though I didn’t go live, the challenge was successful. It’s not just a defeat (laughs).

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What was your reaction when you found out that Nour would be your opponent?
We didn’t want to compete against each other because we get along very well. Face to face we wouldn’t live together. When I knew I was up against Nour, in a way I knew I had lost.

Why were you persuaded to leave the adventure?
On “The Voice” we quickly learn that song selection is very important. Nour chose live for the best by Johnny Hallyday. His performance was incredible: the interpretation of the text, his voice, his technique, his emotions… I felt very small next to it! In order not to get completely lost, I said to myself: “You are there to sing, at any cost… Show what you can do, even if it’s your last performance”.

“For me Vianney is a bit like a father”


How did you live with your retirement?

I was very happy for Nour, not suspecting that I was leaving the adventure. The aftermath of “The Voice” is quite shocking, like a big adrenaline rush. From one day to the next and in a very brutal way, we go from dream to everyday life. I had a little trouble getting over it.

Tonight we see you overwhelmed by emotions… What are you feeling at this moment?
My emotional breakdown begins when Vianney mentions my mother’s birthday. I was very afraid of disappointing my relatives, calling them and not being able to tell them that I would survive. At the same time, I also understand that it’s about saying goodbye to Vianney, the talents. We are like a small family. I was actually very attached to the set, I always wanted to sing there again.

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During the adventure you often mentioned your stress…
To be honest, I felt different types of stress. Before my blind audition I had a lump in my stomach, the urge to cry for fear no one would turn around. Walking from step to step leads to another form of stress, walking away. I gained confidence, my desire to sing in front of audiences and with musicians could also create fears of missing out… Luckily, Vianney helped me channel those fears.

What memories do you have of your coaching sessions with Vianney?
Vianney is a great coach. I look at him a bit like a father. He immediately recognized what kind of person I am and how little self-confidence I have. Vianney supported me every step of the way, reassuring me, whether before the performance or even after a performance. I will always remember one of his phrases after the Cross Battles, in which he asked me to say loud and clear: “I was at home”. He doesn’t give up and thoroughly plays his role as a coach.

How would you rate your career at The Voice?
I regret nothing. I’m super proud of my journey. Thanks to the adventure, I was able to discover other facets of my voice and represent emotions, like in the Cross Battles titled John Lennon, Conception.

“After I got off the medicine, I secretly enrolled in a music school”


What role does your mother play in your musical career?
My mother follows me closely but has no real impact on my career. We have a real bond of trust, I manage myself and she doesn’t interfere. If I make mistakes, it’s his job to let me learn at my own pace. She supports me very well.

You finished your medical studies, what was the trigger?
My mother works in the medical field, so I’ve always been a bit involved. After high school, I started PACES (First year common to health studies, editor’s note) to get a job in security. I never thought I had the potential to pursue a musical career. I didn’t get into medicine. I understood that I had to get into music and give it an important place.

A video on TikTok showed you how it got you to The Voice?
After that click, I secretly enrolled in a music school. To fund this new schooling, I worked as a computer picker and started on TikTok at the same time. A month before I entered MAI, Music Academy International of Nancy, I posted a video of myself singing in front of my mother. It’s now over 2.3 million views and The Voice discovered me. After trying out the castings for the previous season, we decided that a year at music school would allow me to be technically ready. A year later, as promised, they contacted me again for this eleventh season.

In retrospect, was it wise to wait another year?
Yes! To be honest, I am very happy to have made this transition at school. I would not have gone that far in the adventure. It took me this year of training to reach maturity. To do “The Voice” you have to have the brains and the vocal technique.

What are your plans for the future?
On the recommendation of Bruno Berbères (casting director of “The Voice”) I will soon be casting for a musical. I’m also working with musicians on a possible future EP or album. I also use my social networks a lot to expand my community. Thanks to The Voice, my followers on TikTok and Instagram are growing. It touches me to see some people disappointed that I’m leaving tonight. It makes me happy because I feel like they will continue to support me in my future projects even after my defeat. As my mother says: “It is my destiny, the path is marked, I just have to move forward”.

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