this last intervention by Nolwenn Leroy, which was the result of the 11th

The one who took on the role of fifth coach during the blind audition period, giving four unsuccessful talents a second chance, has yet to say their last word in the TF1 competition.

After the blind auditions, the battles, the cross battles and the super cross battles, season 11 of “The Voice” is nearing the semi-finals next Saturday, live on TF1. Of the 63 talents retained by Florent Pagny, Amel Bent, Vianney and Marc Lavoine at the end of the very first phase, four have been added thanks to the intervention of Nolwenn Leroy. In this issue of the Telecrochet, the latter took on the role of fifth coach with the authority to single out four artists who were unselected in the blind auditions. During the battles, the winners of the two duels set up could join the interested teams. Jean Palau had integrated that of Florent Pagny and Loris that of Marc Lavoine.

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Since the fights, Nolwenn Leroy hasn’t appeared on The Voice at all and appeared to be done with the show. It is not so. Next Saturday, the former “Star Academy” winner will intervene in the mechanics of the semi-finals and once again play a decisive role. First, viewers must qualify for one talent per team thanks to their votes. Each artist will sing twice: a first time solo and a second time in a duet with their coach:
Team Amel Bent: Vike, Doryan Ben and Mary Milton
Vianney team : Pauline, Louise and Mr. Matt
Team Florent Pagny: Nour and Lou Dassi
Team Marc Lavoine: Caroline Costa and Loris

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“Great news this year: Nolwenn Leroy is extending her mission as she will have the power to save a fifth talent from among the six unqualified.”, TF1 said in a press release on Monday. The rescued talent will then join Nolwenn Leroy’s team for the grand finale of Season 11 of The Voice, taking place live on TF1 on Saturday May 21 from 9:10pm.

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