A clumsy gesture from the tree provokes a giggle

Hidden beneath the imposing costume, Gilbert Montagné was frantically waving his character’s branches, unaware that Jarry was standing right next to him and accidentally touched his crotch.

On Friday evening, TF1 broadcast the semi-finals of the third season of “Mask Singer”. During the evening, the four investigators had the opportunity to descend onto the entertainment stage to ask the personalities hidden under the costumes of the banana, the deer, the butterfly and the tree to say a word with their real voice. After his performance, Jarry approached the tree so he would say the word “musician,” a nod to a Gilbert Montagné song title. And for a good reason. From the start, Kev Adams, Alessandra Sublet, Anggun and Jarry are confident they’ve recognized the performer’s voicewe will love each other and from Under the sunbeams of the tropics. And they had been right.

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Once by his side, the comedian couldn’t hide his admiration for the singer. “Oh dear!”he cried and hugged him before joking: “Sorry, I don’t know what part of your body I’m touching, I don’t want to…”. In fact, the particularly imposing costume does not really allow to know where the head, the arms or the legs are. As a reminder, former Olympic champion and multiple medalist in swimming, Alain Bernard, sat under the hermit crab costume. “Oh, those are really his hands!”Jarry remarked while holding the two branches of the character that had evolved over the weeks. “What do you think it was?”Camille Combal wondered. “No, but you know I could cry so much, I love you, I love you so much”he confessed.

Jarry, Gilbert Montagné hiding under the tree’s costume, and Camille Combal in “Mask Singer” on TF1. screenshot

Really excited, Gilbert Montagné then began to frantically shake his hands, the only limbs that could move. Except for the fact that the singer accidentally touched the comedian’s crotch too close together. Which, to the surprise of the latter, above all triggers general laughter. “Oh come on, he gave you a…”commented Alessandra Sublet. “Not intentionally”Camille Combal then intervened. “Well, I’m going back”Jarry joked in amusement before joining the other investigators. “You didn’t come for nothing, you had a great time”added Camille Combal.

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